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10 Hydrating Foods to Eat When You're Feeling Off

October 15th, 2019



You can get away with fewer calories when sick in bed, so when you choose to eat, be sure to  reach for healthy alternatives that won’t tax your system. These 10 hydrating foods are all easy on the stomach (and a welcome break from saltines and water). Follow the saying, “If you stuff a cold, then you’ll starve a fever”, and eat wisely.

1. Broth

Broth of any kind is a good idea when you are under the weather. Chicken or beef broths are easily found in the grocery soup aisle, and sipping them with some added salt makes for a good substitute meal.

2. Melons

Melons are a great choice when you have  a head cold, since they are easy to digest and full of water. A great option is watermelon, which is especially hydrating and easy on the stomach.


3. Spicy Soup

Hydrate with a spicy soup, such as a spiced-up gazpacho or Mexican albondigas soup with comforting rice and meatballs.

4. Tropical Fruits

All tropical fruits, but especially mango and papaya, make great hydrating foods. They are higher in calories and can keep you going if you don’t feel like ingesting much else.

5. Veggies

Vegetables are often low on the list when you are unwell, since most of us crave comfort foods. But cucumbers are a good choice for a veggie as they are mostly water and very mild in flavor.

6. Jello

If you are craving something for comfort, you may want dessert. Try Jell-O. It is served in hospitals for a reason: it is extremely easy to digest.


7. Alternative Milk Ice Cream

Still not getting your dessert needs met? You may be craving ice cream, the ultimate comfort food. Your best bet is to go with low fat ice cream or a cashew ice cream. Abstaining from dairy is usually a good way to avoid stomachaches while sick.

8.  Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is always a good bet. It will warm your bones, and serves as a full meal. Soups of all kinds are hydrating, and very appealing when you are cooped up at home or in bed. We recommend a homemade soup with fewer noodles.

9. Coconut

A coconut, preferably a fresh and young one, is your best friend when sick. The water is naturally hydrating and energizing, and the meat provides protein. You might be able to get a good friend to bring one over and even lop off its head and prepare it for you.

10. Protein Salad

If you are looking for a protein fix, we recommend going with something from the protein “salad” family: chicken salad, tuna salad or even egg salad. The veggies help to hydrate you, making this the heartiest of the hydrating foods.


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Get well soon!

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