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4 Ways to Fight the Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine

September 16th, 2019


How much is too much? For people across the world, caffeine in all its forms is a beloved morning ritual, a source of inspiration—and an absolute necessity. It can produce desirable feelings of motivation, energy and focus, allowing you to clean the house, finish that massive work project and talk to your mother-in-law on the phone without snapping at her. But after just a bit too much caffeine, things tend to go downhill. Rapid heart rate, racing thoughts, feelings of anxiety, and even insomnia can all result from too much caffeine. If you felt on top of the world before, now you feel like you’re carrying it on your shoulders.

So, what should you do to balance out the anxiety, rapid heart rate, and insomnia that accompany too much caffeine?


1. The Power of CTT®

 One of the most effective ways to counteract the negative consequences of too much caffeine is to make sure you’re properly hydrated. Hydration improves almost every single function in the human body, and it can help calm your body down when caffeine has pushed you into fight-or-flight mode. Proper hydration requires about 8-10 glasses of water per day, which can be difficult for most people to manage. Liquid I.V. Hydration Multipliercan provide 2-3x the hydration of water alone—making that hydration goal a lot more manageable. Stock up on LIV for those days when you’ve overdone it on the coffee.


2. Breathe Through Your Nose

Breathing through your nose, rather than through your mouth, can increase the amount of oxygen in your body. More oxygen can lead to a feeling of calm, which can make caffeine overload a little less overwhelming. Try inhaling deeply and exhaling more slowly to reduce your heart rate and relax.


3.  Get Your Blood Pumping

You’ve got the jitters, so it’s time to shake it out. Exercise is one of the best ways to counteract the effects of too much caffeine, for two reasons. First, it helps you metabolize the caffeine so it can leave your system more quickly. Second, it gets out all that excess energy. Go for a brisk walk or jog, do some stretches, or roll out the yoga mat and get into the flow.


4. Let Melatonin Lead the Way

Having trouble sleeping? Too much caffeine tends to lead to sleeplessness. Try a Liquid I.V. Sleep—our new natural nighttime drink mix. LIV Sleep contains Melatonin, L-Theanine and Valerian root—three ingredients that give your body the hint that it’s time to wind down. 1 stick in water can help you ease into sleep much faster than traditional sleep aids.


If you’re starting to regret that fourth cup of coffee, never fear! These tips will have you steady, calm and relaxed in no time.

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