November 21st, 2019

5 Tips for Quitting Coffee and Never Looking Back

5 Tips for Quitting Coffee and Never Looking Back

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Want freedom from the bean? Look no further. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to unshackling yourself from the ten-ton boulder of coffee dependence, and transitioning to a friendlier, smoother, and more productive energy source.

For some, coffee is a comforting, even euphoric ritual that rounds out the morning with very little fallout. But for many others, coffee has become just another habit—a part of their morning that no longer feels good, it just feels necessary.

Caffeine is technically the most commonly used psychoactive drug on the planet. But our culture doesn’t really see it that way. A little-known fact is that while coffee can sometimes be the only thing that will make you feel like you have a pulse in the morning, it also stimulates the production of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your body. That means people everywhere may be walking around with extra stress, not realizing that their morning cup is the culprit.

But is there a way to get the boost without the cortisol? Can we remain productive without coffee? Can we, somehow, ditch the added stress and evolve the way we get our energy? Below, find our 5 tips for making the big transition and never looking back.

Meditation & Breathing

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Some of us have been drinking coffee for decades, which means our bodies are used to stress hormones swimming around in our bloodstream. Stress may feel familiar—even comforting. If you’re committed to lowering your stress levels, be aware that you may come up against some inner resistance. Our advice? Meditate! Studies have shown that 10 minutes a day of mindfulness practices can decrease stress long-term. Once you get a taste of what it feels like to relax, you’ll never look back.

Get Your Heart Pumping

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We’re talkin’ cardio, yoga, or a plain old walk around the block. Exercising is a great way to get your body off the hormones of stress accumulated from years of coffee and overwhelm. According to Harvard Medical School, “Exercise reduces levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.” Working out can also help you sleep better, making your morning hit of java less crucial. Making exercise a part of your weekly routine is a fantastic step toward weaning off the chemicals of stress and releasing yourself from the grips of coffee and cortisol.

Upgrade Your Vibe

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Now that you’re relaxed, it’s time to find something to replace coffee. We’re not suggesting you avoid caffeine altogether, and there are forms of caffeine that can provide the energy boost without the crash and anxiety of a “coffee hangover”. Our newest product, Energy Multiplier, is a green combination of Matcha, Guayusa and Ginger that can take you from, “I’m not a morning person,” to, “YOLO!” in minutes. Premium grade Matcha and our green Energy Blend, powered by CTT®, provide sustained energy throughout the day. Our products have no artificial colors, preservative, flavors or sugar, and they’re free of gluten, soy and dairy. Our advice? Upgrade your vibe and go green.

Hydration Multiplier

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What can cause headaches, brain fog, and a sour mood? If you guessed either caffeine withdrawal OR dehydration, you’re correct! Dehydration can exacerbate the signs of caffeine withdrawal, so loading up on H20 is a great hack. If you have trouble drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water per day, try Hydration Multiplier, which can provide 2-3x the hydration of a glass of water alone.

Sleep Multiplier

Proper sleep insures you don’t miss that first cuppa joe too much. Plus, lack of sleep can lead to emotional reactivity and impulsiveness—another thing made even worse by caffeine withdrawal. Make 8 hours your nightly goal. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Sleep Multiplier is a great way to coax your body into resting. Sleep Multiplier is made with Melatonin, L-Theanine and Valerian Root—three powerful ingredients that work together to help ease you into sleep faster—without the morning grogginess.

Freedom from coffee is possible. If you’re trying to reduce stress, switching over to kinder forms of caffeine may be the way to go. Combine your determination with our 5 tips and you’ll forget all about those pumpkin spice lattes.

Good luck, LIV fam!



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