Build Your Own Multiplier Bundle

Fall is back, and we’re taking a more sustainable approach as we return to our routines. First up: we’re reconsidering our midday meal with a few simple swaps that easily cut down on waste without taking up a lot of time. The goal is to get back to class, but make it greener. Here’s our list of lunchbox must-haves. 


Merrick Lunch Tote from Rareform

Image courtesy of Rareform

Looking for a sign that you need to ditch the brown bag? We’ve got one, literally. The Merrick Lunch Tote from Rareform is made from recycled billboards, so you can carry your sandwich in style while knowing that you’re helping to keep these boards out of landfills. Because of the nature of the materials, each design is one-of-a-kind,  and the bags keep food chilled all day long. Love them? They make backpacks and totes, too.




Image courtesy of Planetbox

Imagine a lunchbox that lasts for years and changes with your style: That’s Planetbox, the brilliant bento featuring a selection of magnetized graphic designs that you can swap out anytime you want to switch things up. Made of stainless steel, these durable boxes come in a variety of sizes to fit your appetite and include mix-and-match accessories like leakproof containers and magnetic utensils. 



Stasher Bags

Image courtesy of Stasher

Sandwich baggies are convenient, sure—but they generally last only one use before they’re dirty and destined for the garbage bin. Reduce your waste and save money in the long run by investing in reusable silicone pouches like these from Stasher. They’ll keep food fresh and are easy to rinse, dry, and reuse. Pro tip: Order extras of these super sturdy bags to store your toiletries, makeup, and liquids when you travel.  


Bee’s Wrap

Image courtesy of Bee's Wrap

Plastic wrap isn’t just wasteful, it’s kind of hard to wrangle, too. Put your favorite sandwich in  smarter and more sustainable food storage from Bee’s Wrap. The envelope-style design features a button tie to keep your lunch covered, or you can opt for plain wax squares to use at home over bowls and platters, too. When you’re done just wipe it clean with cool (not hot) water. 



Unpaper® Towels

Image courtesy of Marley's Monsters

Pop quiz: How many paper napkins does a family of four use annually? If our math is right and everyone uses one napkin at three meals a day, they’d would use an astounding 4,380 napkins or paper towels a year. These reusable cloth options from Marley’s Monsters aren’t just super colorful—they take the place of those napkins (as well as dish towels and cloths) and are easily washed, dried, and reused. 


Stainless Steel Ice Pack from Wild Minimalist

Image courtesy of Wild Minimalist

Ever wonder what’s inside those plastic, goo-filled ice packs you toss in your lunch tote? Probably best not to. Instead, switch to a simple and smart stainless steel pack like this one, filled with distilled water and ready to stay rock solid all day long. Plus, it pulls double duty, acting as an ice pack for achy muscles that you won’t worry about putting on your skin. 


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