Published July 6th, 2021

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the surf is calling: Summer is in full swing, LIV Fam, and we’re saving you a spot in the sand. Turn on “do not disturb” and pack your bag for a day at the beach—we’ve got everything you need right here. 

Some Style: Your Swimsuit

It’s got to look good and hold its own in set after set of foamy waves, so make sure to invest in the swimsuit that can keep up with your lifestyle this summer. We like the on-point looks from Summersalt that we’re seeing everywhere, and the incredibly innovative Technical Surf Trunk from Bather, made out of recycled plastic bottles. Both brands focus on sustainability in their design, which makes us feel even better as we soak in the natural beauty of the beach. 

Top it Off: A Hat

Everybody needs a bucket on the beach—and not just one for sand. Like all things 90s-inspired, bucket hats are back in a big way, and they’re the absolute best for shielding your face and head from the sun. We love this look from Lack of Color for its clean lines and perfect brim. 

A Measure of Protection: Sunscreen

Don’t let a bad burn ruin your beach day: Keep aging UVA and burning UVB rays at bay with the right SPF. We love Sun Bum for a few reasons: First, the scent will take you back to your very best summers with SPF varieties that go as high as 70. Next, they have a lip-softening balm with SPF 30 that you’ll love applying, and an amazing scalp spray with SPF 30 because you can’t swim with a hat on. 

Spot On: Your Chair

Toes in the sand, drink in hand—your chair is your home away from home at the beach. So pick the right one, like this slickly designed, retro-chic and crazy-comfortable sling chair by Business & Pleasure. With a hammock vibe that is completely portable, it may just be your new favorite place to park. 

Eyes on the Prize: Your Shades

Reflective sand and water can be harsh, so protect your eyes from damaging UV rays (and look damn good doing it) with shades like the H Series from Blenders in Ocean Dream


Wrap Star: The Towel

What’s better than riding a few barrels on your board? Coming back to a super soft towel when you’re done. Your beach towel should be cozy enough to keep you warm and big enough to sprawl out on for a post-surf snooze. Our pick? This seriously massive beauty from Outerknown, made from a blend of recycled fiber and organic cotton and featuring a stunning ocean graphic. 


The Refresh: Hydration 

Soaking up the sun is sweet indeed, but make sure you stay hydrated while you’re doing it. You’re good-to-go with the Hydration Essentials Bundle. Just mix up your favorite Hydration Multiplier flavor on ice (Lemon Lime, Passion Fruit, and Acai Berry are included). The 16oz LIV steel bottle will keep it cold for hours, though surf sessions, shell collecting, and midday snoozes. 


Footloose: Baby Powder

Want to hear a trick that will change your beach life—or at least keep sand out of your car? A simple sprinkle of baby powder will loosen the sand off of your feet so you can just brush it off and slip on your shoes.  


Zip It: Wet Bag

To keep your dry items dry, including your phone, you need a smart way to separate out what’s wet. Keep a zippered water-resistant pouch in your beach tote—we love the beachy vibes of this tropical print from Aloha Collection. 

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