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Hey LIV Fam: We’re feeling kind of fresh—and eating that way, too. Summer is almost here, farmers markets are popping up once again, and there are so many reasons to feel good about spending your Saturday browsing the stalls. One upside to shopping locally? Your food travels fewer miles, decreasing the environmental impact of truck transport. Less time in transit means the food you’re getting is super fresh. Plus, you’re supporting local farms and small businesses in the process. The best part: produce is usually less expensive when you buy at the farmers market instead of the grocery story. Here’s our list of our favorite food finds for each of the summer months, so you always have something in-season on your shopping list. 


Your Menu for June

  • Blueberries: Bursting with flavor, blueberries are called the King of Antioxidant Foods for the vitamins and nutrients they pack into a very small space. Snack on a handful or toss them into your next salad, smoothie, or protein pancake. 

  • Garlic Scapes: The green, tangled stems that grow from garlic bulbs can be harvested before they flower for maximum flavor. You can add garlic scapes to almost everything, raw or cooked. Think: eggs, soup, burgers, or even just grilled as a side dish. Buy them now and pickle some for winter.

  • Watermelon: This quintessential summer fruit will make you feel more full thanks to high water and fiber contents, and it’s versatile, too: Add a little salt to bring out its sweetness, or blend it with lemon juice and freeze it for a healthy treat all summer long.   


Best Picks for July

  • Blackberries: These sweet, lush fruits are best bought locally, as you can ask growers about their farming and ensure there’s no use of pesticides that could permeate their thin skins. 

  • Corn: It’s corn season. Remarkably low-priced by the ear, you can eat them by the cob with a bit of salt or sprinkled into your salad. Look for ears that are plump and unblemished—no need to strip them, just give them a slight squeeze to check underneath their husk for bald spots. 

  • Cucumbers: These fruits (yes, fruits) consist of 96% water, so once they become mushy, they deteriorate quickly. Choose firm cucumbers with even coloring. 



All About August

  • Eggplant: You love them smothered in parmesan, but these beauties deserve top billing all on their own. Brush them with oil and salt and add a few slices to your grill for a truly delicious summertime side dish that’s rich in digestion-aiding fiber.

  • Raspberries: When they’re in season, it’s hard to stop eating these sweet berries by the handful. And why would you want to? Choose berries that are firm to the touch—the softer they are, the faster they go bad. 



See You In September 

  • Acorn Squash: The first of the fall flavors to arrive, acorn squash can be stored for up to two months, or until you’re ready to make your first fiber-rich winter soup. 

LIV & Soda 

4 Passion Fruit Hydration Multiplier ice cubes (mix 1 stick in ½ cup water, freeze) 

1 cup sparkling water Pomegranate seeds to taste

optional: 2 sage leaves

(Directions: Combine ingredients and enjoy.)

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