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From Underdog to Amazon Deal of the Day: How We Got Here

January 27th, 2020



Everyone agrees: Amazon is one of the greatest innovations of the twenty-first century. That’s why Liquid I.V. is thrilled to announce that Hydration Multiplier has been chosen as Amazon’s Deal of the Day for January 27, 2020. Yep, you heard that right. For one day only, Hydration Multiplier will be 30% off at everyone’s favorite online retailer! 

Amazon is the largest retailer in the world, and its Deal of the Day promotions put best-in-class products in the hands of discerning consumers everywhere. Out of over 600 million offerings, Amazon selects only 20 products per day to feature in this exclusive promotion. So how exactly did The Little Electrolyte Drink Mix That Could go from Amazon underdog to Deal of the Day? “Amazon looks for products with 4+ star ratings and outstanding sales track records,” says Ryan Wheeler, Executive Vice President of Sales at Liquid I.V. “Amazon’s Deal of the Day team was astounded by our growth over the past three years.” 

Since launching on the retail platform three years ago, Hydration Multiplier has experienced a meteoric rise in sales, rankings, and reviews. Amazon sales of Liquid I.V. have exploded since 2017, proving LIV’s success to be anything but short-LIVed. 

“What the Liquid I.V. team has been able to accomplish in three short years, going from virtually no sales on Amazon to having products listed in the TOP 10 of all Sports Nutrition, is truly amazing. We are competing with and beating some of the biggest brands in the world.” – Ryan Wheeler, EVP, Sales

Given the product’s rapid rise, it’s worth asking: what is it about Hydration Multiplier that resonates so much with Amazon buyers? Amazon is the pinnacle of modern convenience. Establishing a healthy routine should be seamless and make new habits easy to stick to. Amazon and Liquid I.V. help you do just that. Why not take the hassle out of hydration?

Now that you know how we got here, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. For one day only, on January 27, 2020 you’ll find Hydration Multiplier on Amazon’s Deal of the Day page.

Receiving a vote of confidence from the company that revolutionized retail is a major stepping stone and a sign of more great things to come. What’s next for Liquid I.V. and Amazon? “2020 will be even bigger as we introduce our newest Sleep and Energy Multipliers to the Amazon community,” says Wheeler. 

On January 27, 2020, we hope to see the LIV fam and beyond get their hands on our biggest deals of the year!

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