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How to Give the Gift of Wellness, Without Sending the Wrong Message

December 12th, 2019


Calling all friends, parents, siblings, offspring, aunts, uncles, cousins, students, houseguests, pink elephants, and secret santas. Nervous about buying a gift for your friend who yawns every day at 3pm, your brother who has always had a complicated relationship with the gym, or your colleague who has been pressing you for the details of your skincare routine? Think of it as sharing the wellness wealth rather than sending a passive aggressive ‘hint.’ 

We wholeheartedly believe in thoughtful wellness gifting, but that’s not an invitation to leave breath mints in stockings or slap a bow on some benzoyl peroxide for your spotty cousin. Giving the gift of wellness—without offending your nearest and dearest—is undoubtedly a nuanced business. If and when you do choose to dabble in the often intimate, usually rewarding art of wellness gifting, be sure to include a thoughtful note explaining why you thought they’d love this gift. Another great approach for close friends and family is to gift something you yourself use and love. Sharing your holy grail cleanser or letting a friend in on your secret to beating the 3 o’clock slump adds an extra personal touch that won’t feel pointed (unlike the unused treadmill desk your mom gave you last year). Keep reading for advice on every type of wellness gifting. 

Fitness Gifts

We’re talkin’ classes, equipment, gym memberships, activity trackers, and anything else aimed at encouraging exercise. If only we had a dollar for every unused elliptical-turned-clothes-drying-rack. However well-meaning, fitness gifting can be expensive, bulky, and should come with a caveat. If the recipient is already active and open about it, or has expressed a specific desire to try out a new class or gadget, then the holidays are a great opportunity to help them make it happen! Otherwise, when it comes to fitness in particular, be careful not to push your own agenda on friends and family who aren’t interested. Maybe don’t buy that set of 15 pound dumbbells for your sluggish lab partner? Be aware: under the wrong circumstances, this type of gift could ignite or exacerbate body image concerns. Rather than contribute to the New Year gift return stampede, save the Fitbits and ClassPass memberships for someone who asked. 

Personal Care Gifts

Personal care products can sometimes make polarizing gifts. Solution-oriented products designed to address specific concerns—think: large pores, oily skin, under-eye circles, frizzy hair, and the on-trend swath of luxury aluminum-free deodorants—are notably contentious. Don’t use the holidays as an opportunity to tell your in-laws they’re stinky or shiny. But for the friend who’s always hitting you up for hyaluronic acid recommendations, results-oriented skincare products can make especially thoughtful gifts. For everyone else, stick to products that smell nice and feel good, like a jar of detoxing bath salts or an elegantly fragranced body balm—self care rituals that are inoffensive and not likely to be taken the wrong way. 

Wellness Experience Gifts

Massage vouchers are mainstream and anyone would be happy to receive one. But experiential wellness practices like breathwork classes, guided meditation, and spiritual retreats are just beginning to climb out of obscurity. At best, they make memorable and restorative gifts. For many people, that gifted Reiki session may be just the nudge they need to experiment outside of their comfort zone. For other people, wellness experience vouchers are at risk of becoming just another unclaimed gift card, drenched in guilt and drowning in the graveyard of Christmases past. As a basic rule of thumb, reserve these niche wellness experiences for the people you know best—hold off on Barry from Accounting.

Ingestible Wellness Gifts

By ingestibles, we mean teas, superfoods, supplements, tinctures, powders, and potions. Where functional foods are concerned, options abound. If the many trends have you feeling like a deer in the headlights, fear not. We get it. In fact, it’s why we created a collection of wellness products with science-backed ingredients. If you’re looking for a gift that needs no explanation, check out our Holiday Bundles, complete with Hydration, Energy, and Sleep Multipliers. It’s a wellness gifting no-brainer—because who doesn’t want to feel better, faster?

Let’s face it: the people we love most aren’t always the easiest to shop for. But with the new year fast approaching, wellness gifts are a great way to honor your nearest and dearest. Let’s all kick off the new decade with some serious self care!


Written by Cleo Gold

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