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Jean-Paul (Team LIV) MMA Career Off to Undefeated Start

May 31st, 2017

LIV Team Member Jean-Paul “Mufasa” Le-Bosnoyani squared off against Elijah “The Outcast” Larkin on May 28th in an amateur MMA fight at the 170 lb. welterweight division. At 27 years of age, Larkin had a number of years on JP’s young 18. But Larkin’s age was no match for JP’s technical skill, strength, and quickness in the ring. Mufasa, as he’s known in the fight world, knocked The Outcast out in the 2nd round to secure the victory.

JP dominated the first round with a number of takedowns, showcasing his impressive arsenal of Jiu Jitsu moves. He also mixed things up in the air with some strong punching combinations.

In the 2nd round, JP came out strong with a powerful round kick to the head of Larkin who was visibly shaken by the blow. JP followed the round kick with a roundhouse kick that was partially blocked by Larkin who was still stunned from the first explosive foot to the face. JP finished his opponent off with a superman left-hand punch to the face that knocked Larkin backwards to the mat. The ref quickly stepped in to call the fight in favor of the victor by TKO, Jean-Paul.

We were able to catch up with JP after the fight, and he had this to say about how it feels to come out on top. “Winning is everything, but it is impossible for me to win on my own. Winning is just the result of what countless people have put their time in to help me achieve a victory. It takes a village to push me to reach my goals and without them it is impossible. But at the same time, winning tastes pretty damn good!!!”

JP improved his amateur MMA record to 2-0 with the decisive victory. Before starting his MMA career, JP was ranked as the #1 Jiu Jitsu fighter in the world for his age division. He will head back into the ring in just two weeks…

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You can watch the entire fight between Lebosnoyani and Larkin here:

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