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Attention, LIV Fam: Good hydration is officially in season and it’s all juice, no pits. Limited Edition Yellow Cherry Hydration Multiplier has arrived. Our latest launch evokes the full-bodied sweetness of a ripe Rainier cherry. Fresh and fruity, familiar and unexpected, it’s the flavor you’ve been dreaming of. Available exclusively on

As always, Yellow Cherry Hydration Multiplier is powered by CTT® to hydrate faster and more efficiently than water alone. Refresh with our latest lush and juicy flavor featuring tart notes of nostalgia. Ripe for the picking, just like a bowl of golden Rainier cherries.

First cultivated in Washington in 1952, this rare yellow cherry is named after the region’s famed Mount Rainier. A cross between the Van and Bing varieties, Rainier cherries pack a sweet, punchy flavor on the inside and a gorgeous golden hue on the outside. Their short-lived season and fragile temperament make Rainier cherries ultra rare and highly coveted. In the summer months, fans flock to farmers markets in search of a basket of yellow cherries—and for anyone who’s ever tasted one, it’s clear why. Well, we’ve got good news: peak season may have come and gone, but Yellow Cherry Hydration Multiplier is ripe for the picking. 

Whether you’re Rainier obsessed, can’t get enough of classic red, or consider yourself a cherry novice, Limited Edition Yellow Cherry Hydration Multiplier is more than just a flavor—it’s a sip down memory lane. 

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