Published November 24th, 2021

If there’s one thing that the LIV Fam knows, it’s that gratitude is an action word. This year, we’re finding ways to level up the feel-good of the season with a few activities that make us even more thankful. Here are a few ways you can maximize your gratitude list—on Thanksgiving, and beyond.

1. Deliver Meals to the Homebound

Before you head over to grandma’s to score some of her famous sweet potato pie, spend some time behind the wheel. Local organizations that serve the elderly and homebound (such as Meals On Wheels, Citymeals and God’s Love We Deliver), bring much-needed meals to clients who are celebrating the holiday at home alone. Drop off a dish and save some time for a few minutes of conversation—we promise you’ll leave with an extra spring in your step. 

2. Dish It Out 

According to Feeding America, 51% of all food programs rely on the work of volunteers. Find some time this holiday season to lend a hand—whether it’s packing and unpacking boxes, organizing deliveries, cleaning up or dishing out food to those in need. It’s work that is much-needed and greatly appreciated by the clients, organizations, and community. 

3. Expand Your Guest List

The holidays can be lonely for those who are far removed from their families. Whether it’s the widowed empty nester next door of the coworker who can’t get home for dinner, offering an invitation to your event will do so much to brighten their day. Bonus—you’ll feel really good, too, and maybe get to know a new friend. 

4. Pick Up Your Pen

One way to focus on your feelings of gratitude? Write them down. The benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are astounding: Your list can help lower stress, shift focus to what’s most important in your life, and improve your mood. Want to make someone else’s day while you’re at it? Write a letter to a friend and tell them what you’re grateful for about them. Stamp it and send it—and wait for their reaction when it surprises them in the mailbox. 

5. Lace Up & Go

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, a Turkey Trot is a runner’s rite of passage and an absolutely amazing way to start your T-Day. Most races raise money for local events and offer distances including 5k, 5 miles or more. Your trot will fly by as you check out the turkey costumes and tutus that runners often don for these super fun sprints. It’s a great way to be grateful for the strength of your body, and an endorphin rush that will last all day. Find a local race here. Not up for the race? Volunteer and cheer on the runners for a similar feel-good vibe. 

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