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The LIV Guide to Winter Travel

December 24th, 2019


Going somewhere? Yeah, you and everyone else you know. It’s December, and for many of us, that means home for the holidays. This winter, regardless of where you’re headed or how you plan to get there, you’ll be in good company. A study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) projects that 115.6 million Americans will travel between December 21 and January 1—6.97 million of them via plane. 

Modern air travel is already cramped and uncomfortable. But packed airports, never-ending lines, delayed flights, and not enough overhead bin space make flying over the holidays way more of an ordeal. Don’t even get us started on the ‘window or aisle’ debate! Don’t let the realities of holiday air travel turn you into the disgruntled star of your own ‘home for the holidays’ movie. A bit of thoughtful planning and a few in-flight extras can help you upgrade your holiday travel vibe—without upgrading your ticket. Keep reading for our LIV-approved travel hacks to help you feel better upon arrival. 

Prepare for Liftoff

BYO (Empty) Bottle

In a world where sufficient H20 isn’t always gratis, an empty bottle is the foundation of any good in-flight hydration action plan. But everyone in their right mind knows that bottled beverages don’t stand a chance against TSA. Airport security is like a graveyard of unopened Evian and 4 oz. shampoo bottles. However, if you think that means you’re stuck buying single-use airport water bottles, think again! Pack a reusable bottle when heading out on your next flight (check out the sleek limited-edition LIV steel bottle in our Change The World Bundle). According to TSA regulations, as long as it’s empty before you head through airport security, you’ll be good to go. 

Hydrate Early

Mix one stick of Hydration Multiplier into 16 oz. of water and down it before you reach airport security. Consider using your refillable bottle—the pressure of losing it to a TSA agent is a great motivator to drink every last drop! Remember: hydrating now will make it easier for you to stay hydrated later, without having to play catch-up.


Make sure to carry on a nourishing hand cream and a waxy lip balm that won’t evaporate 10 seconds after application. It’s also worth reminding you that dry nasal passages are an in-flight reality, which makes it harder for your body to defend against infectious intruders. WebMD suggests using a saline nose spray to help you maintain maximum moisture mid-air (and hopefully boost your defenses). 

When the Seatbelt Sign Is Turned Off

In-flight Feasting

Flights are the worst kind of feasting free-for-all. We set foot on an airplane and instantly feel like hostages to free soda, inflated bags of mini pretzels, and terrible microwaved meals. More ginger ale? Sure! Another bag of cookies? Why not! Eating on a plane can feel like an act of boredom, rather than a necessity. Resist the temptation! We’re all for indulgence in small doses, but consider whether you’re actually enjoying that fourth bag of chips. 

Keep Hydrating

While you’re at it, opt out of soda, cocktails, and caffeine—they can have a diuretic effect, which can in turn throw you off your whole hydration game. When the trolley comes around, ask the flight attendant to top off your water bottle, because It’s time for your next stick of Hydration Multiplier. 


Long-haul Flights

For those of us in Coach (we feel you), long-haul flights mean bending like a pretzel in pursuit of that elusive airplane sleep position. We’ve all been there. If the crying baby on your left and the snoring adult on your right have you struggling to get a (somewhat) decent night’s rest, there’s still hope! Look no further than Sleep Multiplier, our great-tasting, drug-free, natural sleep aid. Mix a stick of Sleep Multiplier into 8 oz. of water 15 minutes before your self-imposed flight bedtime. Rest eazzzy and wake up feeling refreshed. 

Begin Your Descent

Bad Breath

When the trolley rolls through for the last time and the flight attendants pass by to collect your trash, it’s probably a good time to check your breath. Don’t just blame the stink on the guy in 23C. Plane breath is real—and it can happen to anyone! Dehydration can cause dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath. Staying hydrated throughout your flight will definitely help, but chances are you still need a mint. Do your friends, family, and seatmates a favor and pop that Tic Tac. 

Jet Lag 

We know. Even the word makes us shudder. But there’s good news: since dehydration can worsen the symptoms of jet lag, all that hydrating you’ve been doing will also help to ease your transition through time zones. Once you’ve reached your destination, and for the next few days as you continue to adjust to the time change, you’ll almost definitely experience a bit of jet lag-induced fatigue. You know that feeling when it’s 2 PM and you’re about to fall over? Introducing  Energy Multiplier, our newest product containing Matcha, Guayusa and Ginger. It contains ~100 mg of caffeine and can provide delicious, sustained energy throughout the day.  

Don’t let holiday travel mess up your merry. Whether it’s 45 minutes or 14 hours, any amount of time in an airplane cabin will leave you high and dry, quite literally. Don’t forget to preempt the parch by packing wisely. With these easy solutions, you’ll be flyin’ high, LIV style! 

Written by Cleo Gold

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