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The Utility of Your Health

February 8th, 2018

Utility means usefulness. In order for our bodies to realize their maximum utility, it is important for us to make sure we are fueling ourselves properly. There are a number of different ways you can immediately begin to increase your body’s total utility. Eating healthier foods and exercising regularly are two of the first things that frequently come to mind. What may be even more useful for our bodies than healthy food and exercise is making sure we are consistently hydrated, because without proper hydration, every other effort becomes futile.

Thinking About Our Health in Terms of Total Utility

One way you can think about the concept of “total utility” is to think of the utilities that are required in order to maximize the value of your home. In order to live comfortably, you need to regularly supply your home with water, heat, gas, and electricity. Similarly, in order to make sure your body is functioning to the maximum of its ability, you need to make sure it is consistently supplied with water, food, and sleep.

Just as the absence of a single utility would make your home less comfortable, the absence of any of your body’s utilities would have an immediately negative impact as well. Going just a single day without water, food, or sleep can profoundly damage your overall well-being.

Building Healthy Routines

In order to ensure your body is operating to the best of its ability, it is important to begin by proactively creating healthy routines.

  • Be sure you are getting a healthy amount of sleep every night. The amount that is necessary for most adults to fully function is 8 hours.

  • Make hydration a top priority. You should actively try to be drinking at least 64 ounces of water (or water equivalent) every day.

  • Exercise regularly and try to actively use different muscle groups.

  • Try to eat a balanced diet that is vitamin-rich and features a diverse variety of foods.

Doing each of these things can help you immediately begin to maximize your personal health utility and improve your overall quality of life.

Using Hydration as the Foundation of a Healthy Lifestyle

Each of the healthy habits mentioned above are essential. In fact, improving the utility of one of your body’s systems usually helps improve the utility of the others as well. For example, developing healthy sleeping habits can also help improve your metabolism. However, if there is one bodily need that should be considered your top priority, it needs to be staying properly hydrated.

The benefits of hydration are truly limitless. When you are hydrated, your brain, your heart, your muscles, and everything else can function to the greatest extent possible. Hydration helps you maintain all other bodily functions and it is the surest way to maximize your body’s total utility. Though it may not always be easy, making sure that your body is properly hydrated is something that is absolutely worth the effort.

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