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Why Does Winter Weather Suck the Life Out of Your Skin?

December 17th, 2019


It may be December, but parched winter skin is never in season. We’re talking about that uncomfortable, lifeless skin that gatecrashes your Thanksgiving and stows away until Valentine’s Day. You should be able to set your watch by it (or at the very least, your calendar), but let’s face it, that’s never the case. Legs become scaly, lips shrivel, and the skin on your hands suddenly feels like it’s two sizes too small. With a single gust of wind, frigid temps can make even the most ‘normal’ skin types feel fragile and desperately parched. But what exactly does winter have against healthy and hydrated skin? 

The answer isn’t as simple as you’d expect. A whole host of external and environmental factors play a role in your skin’s seasonal alter ego, from necessities like central heating to indulgences like those long, hot showers that could have ended five minutes ago. It’s inevitable that winter will take some toll on your body’s biggest organ, but the extent of that toll is well within your control. Read on for helpful hints and hacks to keep that glow goin’ strong when the mercury drops.

The Weather Outside

As temperatures drop, relative humidity follows suit. Blustery weather blows frigid air directly at your face, which in turn leads to chapped skin and windburn (an uncomfortable condition that leaves skin red, with symptoms that closely mirror sunburn). This ‘frozen leaf blower’ effect can leave skin feeling raw. According to The Mayo Clinic, exposure to freezing winter temps can be drying. So wrap up as much as possible (yes, even your face), when spending time outside.

Think you don’t need SPF in winter? According to Medical News Today, ice and snow can reflect approximately 80% of the sun’s UV rays. Therefore—and we know we don’t have to remind you—SPF is an absolute necessity, rain or shine. If it’s already too late and your skin is throbbing from windburn, Medical News Today suggests doubling down on hydration. Hydration Multiplier is designed to enhance rapid absorption of water into your bloodstream, helping you hydrate 2-3x faster than water alone. You’ll be feeling better, faster—and back on the slopes in no time! 

The Weather Inside

Keeping your home warm is a non-negotiable. Be it central heating, wood-burning stove, or log fire, most forms of climate control have the unfortunate side effect of drying out your home. Dry indoor air can suck the moisture out of your skin. To combat this, WebMD suggests using a humidifier to adjust indoor humidity levels. This small tweak can help maintain moisture in your home and in turn, your skin. We lose fluids as we sleep, due to sweating and breathing, which can lead to morning dehydration. Drinking Hydration Multiplier first thing in the AM can make a world of difference for your hydration levels. 

The Things That Keep Us Warm & Cozy

Picture this: you come home from a long day out in the blustery cold. Your cheeks are flushed and your nose is Rudolph-red. What could be better than a long hot shower and a cup of tea by the fire? The answer is nothing and we totally agree! But the sad reality is that hot water and crackling hearths make for dry and uncomfortable skin. The American Academy of Dermatology cautions that curling up by the fire can have a drying effect on your skin, so try to reserve the yule log for a weekly indulgence rather than a daily occurence. As far as that hot bath or shower goes, try dialing back the temperature ever so slightly. Most importantly, cut down the duration of your daily shower, no longer than 10 minutes, max

The Stress of It All

sleep multiplier

Stress can take a toll on your skin. By triggering the production of certain hormones (like cortisol, for example), stress can exacerbate existing skin conditions. We’ve all had the distinct pleasure of suffering through a horribly stressful work week, only to discover a cluster of wrathful zits taking up residence on our chin. What’s more, stress often leads to inadequate sleep. If the plethora of caffeinated eye creams and under-eye concealers are any indication, the link between sleep and skin is very real. It is called ‘beauty sleep,’ after all. Don’t let the external pressures of work, school, or holiday mayhem impede your glow any more than they have to. Stick to a consistent nightly sleep schedule to help minimize stress and keep skin bouncy when winter tries to sabotage it all. Sleep Multiplier is a fast-acting, drug-free natural sleep aid designed to help you eazzz into sleep faster. Pro tip: sip it warm in a big mug for a cozy winter bedtime ritual.

Life can be rough enough without adding rough skin into the equation. These small tweaks will help keep you and your skin happier through the holidays and beyond. Go ahead, let your skin LIV its best life!


Written by Cleo Gold

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