Published November 4th, 2021

When Daylight Saving Time ends on November 7, we’ll all receive an extra hour in our day. What will you do with your free time? Here are some ideas for that supersized Sunday. 

Go With The Flow: 1 Hour Yoga Sequence

If you’ve been meaning to find time to incorporate yoga into your wellness routine, you’ve found it. Consider starting your day with a one-hour flow that can help you feel more balanced and flexible. You can find a few sequence ideas that suit your goals here

Learn Something New: Take a Class

You’ve got one hour, so spend it with Gordon Ramsey. Not into a cooking class? Online learning hub Masterclass offers opportunities to learn photography, writing, acting, business, and more from the true legends of their field. Or, if you’re finally ready to get that certificate you need to take your career to the next level, head to Coursera to try one of their professional education programs. 

Listen Up: Try A New Podcast

There are so many amazing podcasts out there in the world—who has the time to listen? You do, in fact—a whole extra hour. Here are a few of our favorites to check out. 

  • You’re Wrong About: Journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall look at prominent figures and situations of the past (think Courtney Love and The McDonald's Hot Coffee Case) and consider them through the lens of modern culture to understand just what they misunderstood. 

  • Dolly Parton’s America: In a world where no one seems to agree on anything, how is it that Dolly Parton maintains her status as a universal favorite? In this nine-part series, host Jad Abrumad explores the appeal of this country music icon and pop culture queen.

  • Heavyweight: Do you have a moment in your life you wish you could change? In this engaging, often-moving podcast, host Jonathan Goldstein leads guests on the conversations that bring them back to those moments, allowing them to take the steps to alter their path. 

  • Smartless: In this hilarious, surprising, and engaging podcast, comedy kings and real-life best friends Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes surprise each other with guests and conversation that often takes a few surprising detours. It’s like listening in on great chatter among friends. 

  • The Laverne Cox Show: A candid host, incredible guests, and a backing from entertainment powerhouse Shonda Rhimes—this is a podcast you can’t miss. Conversations range in subject matter (from dating in midlife to fatphobia, for example) but all are equally compelling when led by the charming, straightforward, and lovable Cox. 

Chop Chop: Prep Your Veg & Fruit 

Use your hour to start your week off with an advantage. Not sure what you want to eat just yet? No worries. You can still streamline the work ahead at dinner time by washing, chopping or dicing, and storing your vegetables and fruit in a few airtight containers. Having them ready to go will make cooking (and snacking) much easier. Feeling motivated? Consider mixing up some overnight oats and your breakfast will be ready for the week. (Try something new with this delicious recipe from The Feel Good Foodie.) 


Work Your Words: The New York Times Crossword

Think you can finish this iconic puzzle in an hour? Give it a shot. Pro tip: The puzzle is available online, but if you prefer print be sure to use pencil to undo any mistakes you make along the way. 


Stay In Bed: Sleep In

Don’t sleep on the restorative powers of getting enough rest. (See what we did there?) It can help you to be more productive, creative, and efficient at work. And, according to The Sleep Foundation, “When you sleep, your body undergoes a series of changes that enable the rest that is vital to your overall health. Sleep allows the brain and body to slow down and engage in processes of recovery, promoting better physical and mental performance the next day and over the long-term.” So, treat your body (and mind) with that extra hour of shuteye and get ready for the week ahead. 



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