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Hi LIV Fam!

I can’t believe we’re writing this from quarantine. The LIV team has been working from home in Los Angeles since March.
Last quarter, we started this newsletter as a way to connect with our community. Little did we know how meaningful this community would become in the months, weeks, and days that followed. Thank you for being part of our LIV fam.
What you’ll find in this newsletter:
  1. Spotlight on Kristen
  2. Aoki and Bieber and Target, Oh My!
  3. Giveback Update
  4. What’s Next?

Spotlight on Kristen

Hi there! My name is Kristen (@kristengorman1), and I’m the Influencer Coordinator here at Liquid I.V. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana (GO HOOSIERS) and moved to Southern California about three years ago. I love hiking, running, and going to the beach, which is what prompted me to chase the sun out West! Like everyone else, I’ve spent the majority of the time , really leaning into Netflix. Most recently, I’ve binged Unsolved Mysteries & Down to Earth with Zac Efron—while eating ALL of my roommate’s peanut butter pretzels.
Liquid-I.V. Kristen

Aoki and Bieber and Target, Oh My!

Wow! The last couple of months have been wild. In March we launched Strawberry Cake, inspired by Steve Aoki. May was the month of Yummy inspired by the music of Justin Bieber. And as you know last week we launched Seaberry Hydration Multiplier made with 100% environmentally sustainable packaging materials! Inspired by our giveback trip to Nepal, the stick is another big step in our pursuit of total sustainability. The outer carton of the box is made from 100% R-PET recycled plastic, and the stick is 100% compostable. To learn more about seaberry, check out our youtube videos HERE.
Shout out to all of you for sharing the love! It’s been so fun to see everyone’s taste tests and reactions. Thanks to all who shared, tagged, and sipped on social media to #LIVyummy & Seaberry! Your unique content is what makes these launches so exciting. Our social and influencer teams love every piece of content you share—especially your great reactions.
In other major news, you can now find us in Target stores nationwide! I mean who doesn’t love shopping at Target? We sure do, and that’s why we’re so excited about this new retail partner. Be sure to check us out in the sports nutrition section, where you would normally find your vitamins and protein powders.
Liquid-I.V. Westly

COVID-19 Update

Since March, we’ve donated over 2.3 million servings of Liquid I.V. to medical workers, first responders, and relief organizations. We transitioned our Events department into a COVID-19 Response Initiative, redirecting samples intended for Stagecoach/Coachella to hospitals and nurses. Click here to learn more.
Liquid-I.V. COVID-19 Update

Giveback Update Color of Change

Here at Liquid I.V., we believe in the strength and power of diversity in our community, our customers, and our team. We stand in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against inequality and racism in all its forms. To start, we’ve donated $25,000 to Color of Change. Thank you for your support. Together, we can Change The World.

What’s Next?

But wait, there’s more! The first half of the year has been amazing, but the rest of 2020 has so much in store. We can’t spill all the beans yet, but we have exclusive projects, new products, and more LIV to fuel your adventures. Please keep sharing and tagging us on social media, we would love to continue to collaborate with you all! Stay tuned, and you won’t be disappointed!

Friendly Housekeeping

Just a few reminders from us to you... If you move, please be sure to update your address via your proposal link! Also, we base future product sends off of whether you are continuing to post (and content is getting synced to your proposal link—either automatically or manually), and if people are using your discount code. So keep sharing and tagging away!
Rachel, Kristen & Colleen
Rachel Kristen Signatures
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