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Liquid I.V. contains high levels of key electrolytes involved in rehydration. In combination with a specific amount of glucose, this formula combats the effects of dehydration caused by intense physical exertion, active lifestyles, jet lag, and alcohol consumption.


Our proprietary blend utilizes additional 100% Natural ingredients to help the body excrete toxins for rapid recovery.

  • 100% Natural

    • No artificial sweeteners

    • No artificial colors

    • No artificial preservatives

  • Electrolytes

    More than 3x the electrolytes of leading sports drinks , with less than half the sugar and calories.

  • 5 Essential Vitamins

    300% daily value of vitamins C, B6, & B12.

    More vitamin C than three oranges.

    More potassium than an entire banana.

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Learn how Liquid I.V. is being used by thousands for problems like jet lag, dehydration, and hangovers. Get an inside look from the perspective of the founders at what it takes to run a business, both personally and professionally.

messy business man with hangover holding coffee pot

15 Ways to Stop a Hangover

HowStuffWorks says the medical name for a hangover is veisalgia, formed by combining the Norwegian word kveis, which means "uneasiness following debauchery," and the Greek word for pain, algia. Here are 14 ways you can reduce the pain and uneasiness after your night of debauchery
Six Stages of a Hangover

The Six Stages of Hangovers

Hangovers are the result of excessive consumption of alcohol. Overcoming a hangover is ultimately a waiting game, but by hydrating yourself and providing your body with plenty of nutrients through products like liquid IV, you can overcome a hangover and move on with your day.