The Causes of Dry Mouth in the Morning (and How To Avoid It)


Waking up refreshed is a great feeling, but let’s be honest – it’s not always the norm. Lack of sleep, a crick in the neck, or the sound of your neighbor’s motorcycle at 6AM aren’t ideal ways to start the day. Fortunately for most people, none of these events is an everyday occurrence (unless you live next door to a biker gang).

Dry mouth in the morning, though, can be chronic and hard to get rid of- even for those most dedicated to dental hygiene.

As self-proclaimed hydration gurus, we’ve compiled a few solutions to dry mouth in the morning, starting with diagnosing it. Below are the most common reasons for dry mouth in the morning (or any time).

1. Dehydration

Especially in older individuals, dehydration is common. Our fast-paced lives sometimes make drinking water an afterthought. Six large glasses of water daily, plus another glass or two of OJ, coffee, tea or other beverage meet hydration needs for most of us, but for some it still may not be enough. As a result, dehydration is the top cause of dry mouth in the morning, and can be a key indicator that more fluids are needed to restore your body's hydration levels.

Solution: Up your fluids, especially water. And learn how to tell if you're dehydrated-- it could be the difference between a healthy you and a tired one!

Hint: If you’re looking for a spectacular way to hydrate and stave off dry mouth in the morning, try consuming a packet or two of Liquid I.V. throughout the day. It can hydrate you 2-3x faster than water, which equals more energy and the tendency to stay hydrated even while you’re sleeping.

2. Medications

Older individuals usually take more meds. If you are on any medication, from a statin to a thyroid drug, check the side effects on the medication labeling (or ask your pharmacist) to ensure your daily drugs aren’t causing dry mouth in the morning. For anyone taking antihistamines, dry mouth is a common side effect.

Stimulants in general (Adderall, methamphetamine) will also cause dry mouth.

Solutions: Check your meds for side effects and avoid stimulants, legal or otherwise.

Side note: If your meds make it hard to sleep, Try Liquid I.V.’s new sleep aid, Liquid I.V. Sleep. It uses the same Cellular Transport Technology as the electrolyte powder, but instead of transporting water and electrolytes it transports water, Melatonin, L-theanine, and Valerian root. The result? Better sleep, sooner.

3. Sinus Issues

If you are stuffy due to seasonal or pet (or any other) allergies, you’ll tend to be a mouth-breather at night. Mouth breathing while you sleep leads to dry mouth in the morning. If morning is the only time you experience dry mouth, or chapped lips, allergies may be the culprit (or, snoring – see #4).

Solutions: Remove allergens from your sleeping area and wait till the season changes. Staying hydrated before you go to sleep can also combat dryness as a result of sinus allergies.

4. Snoring

Like sinus pressure and allergies, snoring is another by-product of your sinuses being plugged that leads to an open mouth all night, and consequently, a dry mouth in the morning. Not sure if you’re a snorer? Ask your partner (trust us, they’ll know) or record yourself for a few hours. If you know you’re a snorer, there are several over-the-counter devices made specifically to limit snoring. With conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring is extremely common, and can often be limited by easy-to-use devices.

If your morning dry mouth doesn’t clear up with OTC snoring aids, and you are hydrated--and if you don’t have allergies, then a sleep apnea test is advised. Sleep apnea and snoring go hand-in-hand, and are surprisingly common conditions that affect millions of Americans.

Solutions: Figure out if you snore. If so, check out some OTC snoring remedies.

5. Cigarette smoking

Less and less people smoke these days, which is a huge gain for public health. Yet about 15% of adults do use cigarettes daily (it varies by state), and smokers are more likely to have dry mouth.

If you’ve read this far, and are a smoker, please consider getting free or low-cost help in quitting. It’s the best step for your health, pocketbook, self-esteem and yes, dry mouth.

Solutions: Try out a program to limit your smoking and nicotine intake. If you are going to continue to smoke, consider working overtime to stay hydrated, as it will likely help your sleep and your dry mouth.


6. Hangover

Alcohol dries out your body. If you are hungover enough to notice dry mouth in the morning but are unbothered by a headache, fatigue, and regret – drink a few extra large glasses of water, or, better yet, add some Liquid I.V. to your first water bottle of the day. The electrolytes and increased hydration speed can be a natural hangover cure, and all hangovers symptoms respond well to rehydration and time.

Solutions: Drink less alcohol and more water, along with your beverage of choice- Liquid I.V.!

7. Dry climate

If you have recently moved to a very dry climate, like the desert southwest of Arizona, you will probably notice some physical changes. It isn’t unusual for individuals to get nosebleeds due to the extreme change in moisture after moving to a very dry place. Dry mouth in the morning is another symptom of living in a dry climate. Particularly when traveling or training at high altitude locations, hydration can be a major factor in limiting the symptoms of dry mouth in the morning.

That said, over the period of about a month after arriving somewhere new, symptoms of dryness should abate.

Solution: Give it time!

8. Infection or virus

If you have tried to deal with your dry mouth issue by hydrating, reducing allergies, evaluating whether you snore and even quitting smoking – and have made sure your meds aren’t the issue, you could have an undiagnosed virus or infection. It’s worth checking this out with your family doctor.

Solution: Get a check-up and be sure to report “dry mouth” as a symptom.

9. Autoimmune disease

Some autoimmune diseases result in symptoms of dryness, notably Sjogren’s syndrome. Like #8 on our list, if you’ve tried numerous remedies and are living a healthy lifestyle, get an evaluation from your doctor to rule out any medical condition.

Solution: See a medical professional, and be up-front about the strategies you’ve employed to combat your dry mouth symptoms.

As always, one of the primary reasons for dry mouth is dehydration, so fueling up on Liquid I.V. is a must when it comes to first steps!

Have any personal strategies for avoiding dry mouth in the morning? Let us know in the comments below!

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