Everything You Need For Football (Fan) Season

Everything You Need For Football (Fan) Season

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Whether you’re on the field with your local league, in the lot tailgating with your nearest and dearest, or in the stands cheering on your team, being a real football fan is serious business. We’ve gathered everything you need for your best season yet, where every week will have you feeling like you’ve won your fantasy league. Ready? Let’s huddle.

###Grill and Chill: Tailgate Like an Expert

Any parking lot pro knows that your food and drink offerings are key for a great day of tailgating. Cook up some of your world-famous beer can chicken right out of your flatbed with the Nomad Grill & Smoker. Though it’s a splurge, this sturdy charcoal grill and smoker is the most portable you’ll find—it goes anywhere and packs up compactly.

Next up: The drink menu. Keep your bevs icy cold for hours (and your hands free) in the ICEMULE featuring plenty of room for drinks to share (18 cans or five bottles if you’re opting for vino).

For late season games, gather your friends around this smokeless fire pit to get cozy and stay warm. The ultimate in hot tech, you can control its flames via the Bluetooth app.

Taking in the game from the comfort of home? Don’t forget to supe up your sound with a bar like the Sonos Beam, so you can hear every call over the roar of the crowd in your living room.  
And, if your fantasy team is earning you cash, keep your winnings in this custom NFL wallet, made with fabric from an actual player’s jersey.

###Get Set for the Stadium

When you’re headed to the field for the game, be ready for hot weather at the start of the season with this neck fan (hands-free so you can keep on clapping or chugging), and stow a warmer in your pocket—like this 12-hour one from Zippo—as the season goes on and the temps dip.

Express ultimate fandom by painting your team’s colors right on your game face, but be sure to use a good quality face paint so that it doesn’t crack, itch, or cause skin irritation. Bonus tip: don’t forget the makeup-removing wipes to make it easier to clean up when you get home.

###Leaders of the Local League 
If you’re taking in the big game after your own local one, make sure to get the recovery you need while relaxing in front of the TV: These compression leggings will stimulate blood flow, relieve muscle pain, and aid in your recovery (and feel awesome, too).

And, our pro tip: Skip the post-game bottled sports drinks in favor of your favorite Hydration Multiplier flavor to get 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks, plus Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 & C. Hydration is key to recovery if you’re partaking in alcohol; plus, you’ll enjoy 2x faster hydration than water alone in flavors like Piña Colada and Watermelon.

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