Liquid I.V. Brand Ambassador Jamie Mitchell Makes History

Liquid I.V. Brand Ambassador Jamie Mitchell wins the inaugural Nazaré Challenge, at Praia do Norte, in Portugal. 

Jamie Mitchell was a standout at the 6 hour long event, winning all of his heats – Round 1, semifinal, and final.

“It’s so amazing to see what Walter, the mayor, Garrett and Nicole, did for surfing here. It’s amazing. Today was next level. It was survival, it was just heavy. I’ve seen Nic Lamb and these guys take horrendous wipeouts. It was gnarly. I’m stoked. I want to dedicate this to my wife, and my young little daughter.”

We are stoked for Jamie’s victory and glad we were able to keep him hydrated under such extreme conditions!

Read more about his HUGE win on Surfer Today, ABC or The Guardian.


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