The Step-by-Step Guide to Build The Perfect Carry On

The Step-by-Step Guide to Build The Perfect Carry On

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Despite the long lines at the airport, we’re here to admit it: our wanderlust has been at an all-time high this summer. It’s not an understatement to say we’re always itching to get away. The key is being ready to leave at a moment’s notice for the next great adventure, so we’re all about easy packing. An organized carry-on is a must, and making the most of limited space ensures you have everything you need. Here are our best tips for packing yours. And since getting there is half the fun, we’ve included some tips to make your journey a more enjoyable one. 


##Step 1: Get the Right Luggage

Not all carry-on luggage is created equal, and investing in a great piece will make your travel life much easier. First, make sure it’s sized to fit most airline requirements as a carry-on, because there’s nothing quite as frustrating as rolling up with a bag that’s an inch too wide and facing a checked-bag fee. Next, make sure it’s unique: This Roam carry on doesn’t just feature a brilliant design for maximized space, it’s also customizable at no extra cost. Choose your color scheme down to the wheels, and don’t forget your monogram. Not flying? Great. The expandable version opens up to give you even more room.

##Step 2: Organize With Cubes

Packing cubes are so absolutely genius that it’s hard to know how or why we never thought of them before. These space-savers will keep your items organized and serve to compress your clothing to give you even more space. You can cube up your outfits by days or by planned activities, even toiletries—or however you like. Not sure where to start? TikTok has great ideas to get you going. 


##Step 3: Roll ‘Em Up

One way to save even more space in your packing cubes: Roll your clothes instead of folding, and keep outfits together—top, bottom, underwear, socks. 


##Step 4: Think Small

Keep your toiletry bag packed and ready for action with small, travel-sized versions of your favorite skincare and makeup. Make it work for your space with an organizer—we love this one from Dagne Dover, with compartments for every little tube and pot. The bonus? The smart and beautiful bag is made from recycled bottles. 


##Step 5: Make It Personal

In addition to a carry-on, most airlines will also allow a personal item. If you need extra space, this Weekender bag from Beis fits the bill: The zip-on bottom compartment is perfect for shoes, and the zipper on the side converts to a “trolley sleeve” that slips easily over the handle of your roller suitcase, so they stack neatly for easy movement through busy airports. 


##Step 6: Enjoy The Ride

The anticipation of your arrival is made even better by an enjoyable journey, so be prepared. 


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