Build Your Own Multiplier Bundle

Ah, the great outdoors. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a day on the field, or crossfit al fresco, an open-air workout just can’t be beat. Staying active is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But we all know what it’s like to feel stuck in a fitness rut—like you’re just going through the motions. Sound familiar? Fresh air and a change of scenery can go a long way when it comes to reinvigorating your exercise routine. We’ve rounded up five must-have buys from Academy Sports + Outdoors to help you upgrade your open-air exercise game. 

1. Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Towel

On a hot summer day, a bit of light stretching in the backyard can make you sweat like you’re in a hot yoga class. Embrace it. Just make sure to pack a skidless yoga towel to absorb moisture and prevent slipping. We love this minimal tie-dye option from Manduka.

2. BCG Adults' Aerobic Rebounder 

Trampolines: you loved jumping on them when you were a kid, but have you tried jumping on one as an adult? That’s right, trampolines have made a massive comeback in the fitness world. There’s no need to wheel your spin bike to the back yard when you can bounce your way through the perfect cardio workout on this mini trampoline. 

3. Takeya Insulated FlipLock 17 oz Traveler Mug

Measuring in at roughly half a liter, this vacuum insulated bottle will keep your water cold on even the hottest days. Unlike other sports bottles, this model comes with a perfectly proportioned mouthpiece to help you take a sip without spilling water all over your face in the process. Plus, the double-walled construction means that when your workout is over, the only thing that’s drenched in sweat will be you.

4. JBL Clip 2 IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker 

Whether you’re blasting your pump-up playlist or zooming in for a pilates class, this portable bluetooth speaker with built-in microphone is the answer to your outdoor training woes. The compact design and carabiner clip are convenient updates to your backyard or park workout. Did we mention it’s waterproof? 

5. BCG Adults' 10 lb Weighted Vest

If you’re looking to break free from the confines of your garage-turned-home-gym or simply want to upgrade your daily jog, then a weighted vest will tick every box. Low-profile, adjustable, and not too hot, this 10-pound option will add resistance to any outdoor workout. There’s a time and a place for bulky equipment, and a warm summer day is not it.

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