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Meets World Health Organization Standards
Liquid I.V. is based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines for Oral Rehydration Solution, a rigorously-tested combination of sodium, glucose, and water known to combat the extremely undesirable effects of dehydration. The discovery of the sodium-glucose transport mechanism to increase absorption of water is considered to be one of the most important medical advances this century.

Oral Rehydration Solution is used in developing countries and disaster zones all over the world where people are most in need of hydration. Read more about ORS and the many scientific articles written about it here.
Our Medical Director
Liquid I.V. Medical Director Dr. Brad Thomas, MD is a world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who earned his Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of Southern California. “Cellular Transport Technology® is a groundbreaking way to get nutrients into the body,” said Dr. Thomas. “We have all these products on the market that contain great nutritional ingredients if only the body was able to properly absorb them. CTT® tackles this problem head-on, and it’s already changing the way things are done in the wellness industry.”
Made With Clean, Premium Ingredients

Pure Cane Sugar

Sugar is an essential ingredient in Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®). When combined with salt at the correct ratio, it accelerates the absorption of water into the bloodstream. Our sugar comes from Non-GMO Sugar Cane and is strictly for function, not taste.


Dextrose is a form of glucose, which is a naturally-occurring sugar compound found in our bodies. It is the most absorbable of all sugar compounds, and improves the absorbability of our products into the bloodstream.

Mined Salt

Sodium is an essential ingredient in Cellular Transport Technology (CTT®). When combined with sugar at the correct ratio, it accelerates the absorption of water into the bloodstream, replacing what your body loses through sweat.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium citrate, the salt found within citric acid, provides just the right amount of tartness to balance out the sweeter notes of our products.

Potassium Citrate

Potassium is an essential component of CTT®. This electrolyte maintains a proper fluid balance in the body and helps carry nutrients to the bloodstream. Potassium can also help prevent muscle cramps and improve bone health – and we’ve got more potassium than a banana.
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