5 Reasons to Hydrate for the Holidays

5 Reasons to Hydrate for the Holidays

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As we head into the hectic, fun, social, indulgent, stressful, sleep-deprived days that make up the holiday season, we’re not just looking to stay status quo on our daily water intake, but to hydrate enough to feel good, look good, and enjoy this time of memories and merriment.  

Hydration plays a key role in your health every day: It regulates your body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, works as a carrier for nutrients, keeps your organs functioning properly and improves cognition and mood. (Now, that’s a Nice List to rival Santa’s). And, when it comes to staying active and motivated on your movement goals even in cold temperatures, hydration plays a critical role as you continue your commitment to working out and on routine through the seasons.  

See below as we share a few reasons why the added hydration is important, plus offer our tips for making it accessible and easy.   

###You’re Traveling 
However you’re marking the miles, good hydration is especially important.  
Air Travel: Airplane cabins have lower humidity levels, which is why your nose, throat, skin, and eyes can feel especially dry after some time in the sky. Our tip: Stow some packets of Hydration Multiplier in your carry on (and keep it under your feet for easy access on the plane). Bonus: add it to your water bottle once you’ve passed through the security checkpoint. Traveling with little ones? Make sure to bring along their favorite Hydration Multiplier For Kids. Not only will they be hydrated, but the act of sipping and swallowing can counteract the air pressure on ears during ascent and descent, letting them “pop” naturally.  

Road Trips: If you want focus and alertness to get you through the last leg of a long drive, opt for Energy Multiplier for hydration while you energize.  Energy Multiplier has lower levels of caffeine, approximately 100mg of natural caffeine, which is comparable to just under two cups of 8 oz. coffee.  

###You’re Getting Less Sleep 
Your social calendar has been packed since Halloween, LIV Fam, and that means making so many memories—and getting a lot less sleep.  

The relationship between sleep and hydration is one worth exploring. Getting inadequate sleep is associated with dehydration. During this time of late nights and early mornings, finding your balance is even more important. 

Our tips: First, increase your water intake throughout the day, so you don’t find yourself making up hydration ounces right before you turn in for the night. That way, you can avoid frequent wake-up calls from Mother Nature, sending you off to the restroom.  

If you find that falling asleep is a challenge in these charged-up days, consider pouring a mug of Sleep Multiplier, featuring Melatonin, L-Theanine and Valerian root a little while before bedtime.  

If you hit an afternoon slump, consider swapping your post-lunch latte for Energy Multiplier in Yuzu Pineapple or Mango Tamarind featuring a proprietary blend of Coffeeberry® Energy Extract, CognatIQ™ Coffee Fruit Extract, and L-Theanine for hydration while you energize.  

###You’re Indulging More 
If you do a vibe check on the holiday season, you’ll see that the overwhelming mood is “treat yourself.” This is, after all, the time of year when you get to enjoy holiday dishes with a side-serving of nostalgia, toasts to auld lang syne, and cookies after every meal. 

With indulgence being the order of the day (or the whole season), it’s easy to feel off balance and not quite at your peak performance. Hydration can help support you amongst the butter-laden, salty, sweet, delicious meals you’re enjoying and keep your body functioning well. To give your efforts even more of an impact, our recommendation is to incorporate Powdered Probiotic Kombucha into your daily routine to support a healthy gut.  Cheers to a glass of Tart Apple and your body will be celebrating.  

In addition, reduce your sugar intake by adding Hydration Multiplier in Sugar-Free to your water. With no artificial sweeteners and zero sugar, your daily sugar quota is now open for another slice of your auntie’s famous pie.  

###You’re Around A Lot Of People 

One of the reasons we love the holidays is that it gives us time to gather and celebrate with those we love and those we don’t get to see that often. It is a time to hug, shake hands, laugh, and kiss under the mistletoe… and while we don’t want to be downers, that’s a lot of germs. (Do we even want to think about the hands touching those passed hors d’oeuvres?) For this reason, keep a few sticks of Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support in your purses and coat pockets. It’s all-in-one hydration and immune support for everyday wellness. 

###You Want To Be Merry 

The most important reason to stay hydrated? You don’t want to be a Scrooge.  

Dehydration is associated with brain fog and irritability, which means that staying properly hydrated can work in your favor in terms of focus and mood. Actually, according to CNET, water helps ensure that the brain gets delivery of the amino acid tryptophan, which is needed to create serotonin—commonly known as the “happiness chemical.” Adequate water means your brain has what it needs to create that happy hormone, and you stay merry well into the New Year.  

###Fun Ways To Bring Hydration Into Your Festivities 

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