5 Tips to Boost and Balance Your Immune Support Routine

5 Tips to Boost and Balance Your Immune Support Routine

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Joyful. Grateful. Nostalgic. But during the busiest season of the year, the last thing anyone wants to feel? Under-the-weather. To avoid this, we focus on maintaining a balanced and resilient immune system. Luckily, there are a few ways to give TLC to this critical network of cells, tissues, and glands.  

While it can be tough to ward off every microbe out there, there are a few tips and tricks to add to your immune support routine (remember, consistency is key). That way, you can bounce from holiday party to hopping onto a flight, to seeing old friends, to wrapping last-minute gifts—and feel good too. Stay well, LIV fam. 

TAKE SLEEP SERIOUSLY: The trifecta of staying active, eating whole foods, and restful sleep remains a classic for a reason. It’s the simplest of patterns that keep bodies in check; clocking in seven to nine hours nightly can do wonders to reset the system (after stress, after travel, and after juggling kids and in-laws). Ensure the transition from rest to wakefulness doesn’t include a rush of cortisol and consider getting a sunrise alarm; easing the demand of stress on the body will help ensure a balanced immune system.   

DECLUTTER YOUR MIND: Though it's common to discuss all the happy moments associated with the holidays, it can still be taboo to address the aspects of the season that stress us out. Whether it’s family obligations, packed calendars with no downtime, or monthly budgets out the window, your nervous system deserves a respite. Since the nervous system and the immune system are closely linked, it’s important to prioritize stress reduction to care for your immune health. An easy way to start? Using your lungs and breath intentionally, for just ten minutes a day. Download a meditation app or watch breathing videos curated by James Nestor, the author of Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.   

LAUGH THROUGH IT ALL: A barrel of laughs isn’t just good for morale; it also might be good for your immune system. In the short term, laughter increases oxygen supply and stimulates multiple organs (lungs and heart, for two) and releases endorphins which are critical brain chemicals. In the long term, the hormonal cascade and chemistry involved in a real belly laugh and the associating positive thoughts are believed to release neuropeptides that fight stress and other inflammatory responses. Need some funny inspiration? Try Tiktok.   

SWEAT OFTEN: And if you’re really on an endorphin kick, look no further than some physical exercise. We’ve mentioned a few times the connection between the holiday season and high stress (and the way that stress can influence the immune system). To shake off emotional stress and increase happy neurotransmitters—even temporarily—experts recommend movement. Exercise can act as an anti-inflammatory and increase your body’s potential to regulate the immune system. Whether you like to pump iron, walk briskly in the fall air, or swim in a heated indoor pool—get physical to counteract the indulgences of the holidays.  

STAY WELL NOW, THANK US LATER: Most importantly, consistency is the name of the game when it comes to staying well. Even better, an immune health routine should be enjoyable if you’re going to keep it up amongst the cookie swaps, cross-country flights, and late-night mall runs (yes, it’s a thing). That’s where Wild Berry Blend Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support comes in. We paired the strength and punch of the Immune Support you love, with a new vibrant and lush flavor. Think: notes of fresh-picked strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. This all-in-one formula features our signature CTT®-powered hydration plus 5x the daily value of Vitamin C combined with Zinc and BetaVia™, a proprietary, algae fermentate beta glucan clinically tested to help strengthen the immune system and helps support upper respiratory tract health. The result? A functional drink designed to be enjoyed; it’s time to meet (and taste) your seasonal sidekick.  

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