An Inside Look on Impact: LIV Provides $1.3M in Grants to Expand Clean Water Access

An Inside Look on Impact: LIV Provides $1.3M in Grants to Expand Clean Water Access

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Liquid I.V. is investing $1.3 million in three organizations focused on funding innovative solutions for and expanding access to clean water.

Our goal is to expand access to clean and abundant water for communities in need, leading to universal water security by 2050 and to help the 771M people globally (and 2M in the U.S.A.) who do not have access to clean drinking water. These organizations align our passion with their expertise to create durable impact for communities worldwide.

###**MAP International

Liquid I.V. partnered with MAP International l for several years to provide the Hydration Multiplier product for use in disaster and humanitarian response. Liquid I.V.'s Hydration Multiplier meets the World Health Organization's (WHO) standards for an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), which is much needed by those with limited clean water access.

Now we’re taking our support one step further by providing $300,000 in funding for MAP International’s work in Liberia and Burkina Faso. Here are their current situations:

· Liberia is one of the wettest countries in the world with its average annual precipitation exceeding 5000 mm, but due to lack of infrastructure and services leaves over 90% of the population without access to safe drinking water.

· Burkina Faso is seeing an increasing number of internally displaced persons (IDP) due to violence, drought, and famine.

Liquid I.V.’s support will provide installation and implementation of hand pumps and water filtration in targeted communities, focused on women, children, and IDPs.

###**“**Clean water creates a ripple effect of opportunity. When people remain healthy, they not only survive but also grow and thrive. When they don’t need to travel for water, they can go to work and school and avoid dangerous treks. Liquid I.V.’s investment in this work will be transformational to so many individuals and communities, and what happens from there will be endless possibilities of impact. What will immediately change the lives of thousands will ultimately impact generations to come. We are so grateful for this continued and expanded support, and all this work will accomplish.”—Brooke Allison, Project Manager at MAP International

###International Rescue Committee

This year, Ethiopia’s people have experienced the most extreme drought in its history, with 24 million people already affected. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) began its work in the country over 20 years ago, and this year, Liquid I.V. is providing $500,000 to restore and expand access to clean water sources for over 38,400 drought-affected individuals. This funding will meet critical water, sanitation, and hygiene needs by rehabilitating infrastructure and providing training to local community members within the South Omo Zone.

###**“**With Ethiopia facing the worst drought in its history and various conflicts disrupting lives across the country, it’s clear that we need bold commitments from across sectors to match the scale of today’s humanitarian needs. Our partnership with Liquid I.V. enables the IRC to provide access to clean water sources for drought-affected individuals in Ethiopia and to scale up our humanitarian response to mitigate famine in East Africa.” —Ourania Dionysiou, Vice President International Partnerships & Philanthropy at the International Rescue Committee (IRC)

###University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

While Liquid I.V. continues to support global populations affected by crises, our team also recognizes the opportunity for clean water access innovation in our own backyard — Los Angeles.

The UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge tackles climate change by leveraging interdisciplinary, university-wide research, expertise and education with its public and private partners to help transform LA. Liquid I.V. is supporting the challenge by providing $542,986 to fund three water security projects:

·       An Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

·       An Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Graduate Fellows Program

·       A Faculty Research Project

We believe these programs will support the development of next-generation climate and sustainability solutions.

Liquid I.V.'s approach to expanding water security is driven by the values of community empowerment, innovation, and equity to create long-lasting, sustainable impact. These grants mark a bold new chapter for our Impact work, which couldn’t be done without the support of our Liquid I.V. community.

###“We are very excited about this new partnership with Liquid I.V. and grateful for its visionary gift to the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge. Liquid I.V.’s philanthropic support will not only have an immense impact on opportunities for students to receive unique educational experiences, but will also have an immediate impact in the Los Angeles region and beyond through student and faculty research that is focused on sustainable and equitable water solutions.” —Eric Hoek, Faculty Director of the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge

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