Festival-Ready Skin Secrets: How to Stay Hydrated & Glowing

Festival-Ready Skin Secrets: How to Stay Hydrated & Glowing

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Festival season is one part music, one part vibes, and one very big part style scene. And if you’re headed to some of the late summer fests (Rolling Loud? Outside Lands? We’ll see you there!) there’s as much of a show in the audience as there is on stage. The main showcase of your fest fashion? Vibrant, glowing skin.    


Taking care of your body’s largest organ is always important, but when you’re spending several days in outdoor venues it’s absolutely critical. To prove our point, we’re looking at the under-the-radar ways your skin has you covered (literally), and the beauty benefits you get from treating it right. (Spoiler alert: Care starts with hydration, lots of it.) Don’t let bad burns, dehydration, irritation, or too much glitter make you miss the encore—try these tips to stay fresh-faced all festival long.  


##How Your Skin Treats You Right 

Besides just looking good, your skin performs critical functions that keep you healthy, especially in the heat.  


First, it’s the ultimate protector. How so? Your skin is the germ-fighter you need while you’re mingling with thousands of sweaty people and taking a bio-break between set changes. It serves as a protective barrier between the outside world—and all of those revelers—and your bloodstream, preventing infections. The top layer of your skin, or epidermis, contains Langerhans cells, part of the body’s immune system that help fight off germs and infections.  


And while your hypothalamus is considered the body’s thermostat, your skin also plays an important role in temperature regulation. When you’re too hot, blood flow is redirected to your skin to aid in cooling. Sweat glands become more active and when your sweat evaporates, it cools your body down.  


Lastly, it’s always new: Your skin replaces itself every month, replacing all of the skin cells you shed. That’s why you always feel so good and glowing after you exfoliate.  


##How To Treat Your Skin Right 

When you’re full throttle on the fun of your favorite fest, it can be easy to forget all your skin is doing for you every second of those long, hot days. Here are the best, easiest and most important ways to care for your skin so it can keep doing its thing, and you can keep doing yours.  


###1. Hydrate:

By far and away this is the most important thing you can do all day and night long. The sun’s heat and sweaty dance floor sessions mixed with dehydrating cocktails and a lack of sleep can all add up to a serious case of dehydration. Hydration will also keep you feeling cooler and be better for your overall mood, so stow a few of your favorite Hydration Multiplier flavors in your bag (we love the summer-ready favorite Strawberry Lemonade or NEW White Peach Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free). Enjoy 3x the electrolytes of the leading sports drink and 8 vitamins and nutrients for faster hydration and everyday wellness.  


###2. Protect It:

Sunscreen is absolutely critical on hot summer days spent mostly outdoors, so slather it on early and often. Pick an SPF that is broad spectrum, protecting against UVA and UVB rays, like Supergoop Glow Stick. It’s super portable so you can toss it in your festival bag and reapply every few hours. Pro Tip: Don’t forget your lips, which are also susceptible to burning. This lip-protecting pick from COOLA doubles as a sleek gloss.  


###3. Wipe It Down:

Day Two of the festival means your skin is likely coated with sweat, dust, and maybe even some glitter. Keep it functioning as the barrier you need it to be by giving your body a wipe down with some refreshing skin wipes.  


###4. Keep It Safe:

When sinks are scarce, hand sanitizer is an absolute must. You will keep germs at bay and let your body’s barrier do its thing a bit easier. We love this one, that hydrates while it cleans.  


###5. Top It Off:

Sure, you’ll be showing lots of skin through the show, but a concert-ready hat can protect your scalp from burning and offer shade that goes where you do. We think this parasol hat does the trick.  







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