Here’s Why Hydration is Important in the Cooler Months 

Here’s Why Hydration is Important in the Cooler Months 

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During the summer, staying hydrated feels consistently top of mind as sweat, sun, and scorching heat remind us to keep up with our fluid intake. When temperatures drop as autumn progresses, though, your daily ounces can plummet, too, thanks to a naturally subsiding thirst. Here are a few reasons why dehydration is still a risk in the cooler months, and how you can remember to keep sipping.  


##1. You’re Still Sweating 

You live an active lifestyle, LIV Fam, and even though your intense summer workouts make it easy to see how much you’re sweating, you’re still losing fluid when you run, bike, or workout in the cold. Thanks to the chill, you may not realize you’re perspiring, and your bundled-up layers are wicking away the evidence. (In fact, those bulky coats can make you sweaty even when you’re just walking to your car). Make sure to hydrate before, during, and after your workout the same way you would on a steamy August day.  


##2. Your Home Heat Is Drying You Out 

On the humid, hot days of summer there seems to be moisture everywhere—but in winter, it’s the opposite. If you live in a climate that requires home heating, you may be getting dehydrated just by being at home—even as you sleep. To replace the fluids that dry heat is surreptitiously stealing from you, try a humidifier by your bed at night and set a reminder to drink your fluids.  


##3. You’re Outside  

Who among us hasn’t pretended to be a dragon when the frigid temps make our breath look smoky? When it’s cold enough to see your breath, you are actually watching fluid leave your body in the form of water vapor. The more rapidly you’re breathing (like when you’re out for a winter trail run or headed down your neighborhood’s biggest hill on your sled for the fifth time) the more vapor you’re losing. Replenish after time outdoors with plenty of hydration. 


##4. You’re Just Not Thinking About It 

No shade—we all think about drinking water and the benefits of hydration less during winter when we’re just not as noticeably thirsty. Still, our body gives us reminders that we should get more fluids by sending us headaches, dry skin, reduced energy, sugar cravings, lack of energy, lack of focus, dizziness, and bad breath. One way to remember: carry your favorite water bottle around and fill it with a multifunctional drink, like Hydration Multiplier+ Immune Support in Tangerine. With the science of CTT® and the cutting-edge blend of Vitamin C, Zinc, and Wellmune®️, it’s hard to forget.  


##5. You’re Cold 

When you’re feeling chilly, the thought of a cold drink isn’t appealing. The good news? You can hydrate and stay warm. Opt for hot herbal teas, hot lemon water, or even a good quality homemade hot cocoa using chocolate that’s 70% cocoa (so you get a boost from those antioxidants, too). 



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