How Liquid I.V. Makes Every Day Giving Tuesday

How Liquid I.V. Makes Every Day Giving Tuesday

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##Giving Everyday  

According to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #6, 1.6 billion people will lack safely managed drinking water by 2030. We recognize the gravity of this statistic and the importance of water as a central force for life. That’s why we give our hydration products back to our communities and fund water access programs year-round. 


Since its founding, for every purchase, Liquid I.V. donated a serving of its product to a person that needed it.  To date (November 2022), our team has donated 31 million servings. In 2022, we decided to double down on expanding water access beyond the 1-to-1 donation model we’ve operated on prior.  


As a purpose-driven brand, giving back is at the core of Liquid I.V.’s DNA. Our team’s commitment is to donate 150 million servings of Liquid I.V. over the next 10 years. In addition, we are further investing in the community through a grant program supporting clean water initiatives. 


Our brand amplifies the power of water through both the products and partnerships we foster. For us, every day is an opportunity to use our business as a catalyst for change and to bring awareness to hydration and water access issues.  


This Giving Tuesday, we want to celebrate the innovative and inspirational partners we support who help deliver hydration and clean water to communities in the United States and around the world. 

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##Clean Water Access Partnerships 

We believe that a healthier world for all begins with clean and abundant water. That’s why we partner with leading water, humanitarian, and community-based organizations to advance innovative solutions that help communities protect their water and their future.  


Two of our major water access partnerships are with DigDeep and Waterboys, and our partnerships with these organizations created durable impact for vulnerable communities this past year. 

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In 2021, Liquid I.V. established a partnership with DigDeep, a human rights focused WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) organization that brings clean, running water to communities in the United States. Our funding helped support a project that gave 200 West Virginians access to clean, potable water directly in their homes. 


The project started by funding piped water connections for 100 families in McDowell County, WV that had intermittent water access and experienced poor water quality due to 100-year-old infrastructure. In 2022, DigDeep expanded its work to Wyoming County, WV, where the organization installed connections to 111 homes who were lacking access to piped water or had aged pipelines that caused limited or no water, unsafe drinking water, and/or were at risk of burst pipes.  


We know from our work with DigDeep that reliable, clean, running water not only provides people with dignity, but also improves overall community well-being. One of the recipients of DigDeep’s work in West Virgina said: “People think that water is just... something. No, it's everything. If you don't have it, you're at a total loss.” 

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In 2021, Liquid I.V. team announced our partnership with Waterboys, an initiative of the Chris Long Foundation. Its Hometown H20 program focuses on providing clean drinking water to low-income, rural communities.  


This year, over 13,500 students were provided access to clean drinking water through new water bottle refill stations at their schools in these four U.S. school districts: 

  • Scranton, Pennsylvania 
  • St. Augustine, Texas  
  • Benton Harbor, Michigan  
  • Palermo, California 


The water station installations took place this year and Liquid I.V. had the opportunity to meet with the students and staff at Palermo Union Middle School. Both staff — who brought their own water filters or gallons of water to work — and students — who were often relying on beverages like soda — now can bring a reusable water bottle to refill with clean drinking water throughout the day.  

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##Multiplying Our Product Donations 


According to the United Nations, 90% of deaths from natural disasters occur in low-income countries and force 20 million people into poverty each year. When individuals become dehydrated because of limited access to water or having consumed unsafe water, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) to provide urgent hydration relief.  


Liquid I.V.’s formula is based on the WHO’s science for an ORS. It is one of the top items needed in disaster response for individuals suffering from dehydration, thus, we make it a priority to supply our Hydration Multiplier to organizations delivering supplies to communities with urgent need. In 2022 alone, Liquid I.V. is expected to donate 15 million servings.   


###Our Product Donation Partnerships  


We work with international partners who deliver life-saving supplies to regions that most urgently need them. We are proud to work with a variety of organizations who are keeping communities and the people who serve them hydrated.  

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##Direct Relief  

Direct Relief is Liquid I.V.’s longest humanitarian and disaster relief partner; it is an organization that delivers medical supplies to clinics in the U.S. and health providers throughout the world. 


This year, Direct Relief distributed 2.4 million servings of our hydration solution in 27 countries, including: 

  • Ukrainian refugees  
  • Countries experiencing cholera outbreaks 
  • Hurricane Ian recovery 


##MAP International 

MAP International leverages its 68 years of experience in responding to all forms of disasters to get donations of Liquid I.V. to those that need it most. 


This year, MAP distributed 2.9 million servings of our hydration solution to 33 countries. In 2022 alone, our teams have responded to disasters that included: 

  • The war in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries  

  • The conflict in Burkina Faso 

  • The cholera outbreak in Syria 

The work Liquid I.V. does with these organizations is central to our goal to deliver hydration to those who need it most. This year, we have donated an additional 1.5 million servings to organizations including Food for the Poor, CORE and World Central Kitchen.  

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##Community Product Donations 

Liquid I.V. also makes it a priority to deliver hydration to Americans who work hard every day to keep communities safe, supported, and thriving. Below are a few additional partners we have supported this year through product donations: 

  • Medical Staff and Patients (clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.): 1M servings 

  • Fire Departments (California, Oregan, Washington Texas, and more): over 500,000 servings 

  • Veterans, Military and First Responders (Operation Gratitude): 1.3M servings 

  • Food Banks (LA Food Bank, Feeding America network partners, etc.): over 500,000 servings 

  • Delivery workers (Teamsters Union supporting UPS drivers): over 125,000 servings 


##Micro-Donation Program 

Liquid I.V. donates thousands of servings every year through our micro-donation program, where community organizations and nonprofits can request a donation. Through this program, we’ve donated our product to organizations ranging from local volunteer fire departments to nonprofits hosting 5K/10K runs. Our team is on track to donate 500,000 servings through this program in 2022. 


Could your community or nonprofit organization use some Liquid I.V.?  Let us help you make a positive impact in your community, by filling out the product donation request form


##The Future of Our Year-Round Giving Work  


Water is one of the basic elements necessary for life. In order to create a healthy world, we must work together as a community to improve water access. 


This year, Liquid I.V. donated 15 million servings of Hydration Multiplier to people who urgently needed hydration. In addition, Liquid I.V. is donating over $2 million to international programs and community-driven solutions to water insecurity. A healthier world for all begins with clean and abundant water, and we are just getting started.  


Just by buying Liquid I.V., you support our impact work, and if you want to learn more about our impact initiatives and programs, check out our impact page.  The organizations we’ve chosen as grant recipients will be listed there at the end of 2022.   


To request a product donation for your nonprofit, fill out our product donation request form

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