Monthly Giveback Recap

Monthly Giveback Recap

Published November 5th, 2020
Young man and woman carry box of Liquid I.V. donations.

Members of the LIV Fam know that everything we do here at Liquid I.V. is built on our mission to help people everywhere live better lives—to optimize the body, hydrate those in need, and better the planet. We know that with the power of our community, together, we can Change The World. 

As part of our ongoing giveback mission, we partner with organizations like Direct Relief, Meals on Wheels, Operation Gratitude, and Food for the Poor (just to name a few). In addition to our work with relief organizations, we’re proud to collaborate with selfless members of the LIV Fam on an individual basis. Big and small, these partnerships enable us to increase our giveback potential and cast a wider net, which in turn means that we can reach more communities in more places. Here’s a recap of some of our most recent giveback initiatives. 

Parker High School – Birmingham, AL

Parker high school football team poses in together in school gym.

This summer, we donated over 1,500 servings of Hydration Multiplier to the Parker High School football team in Birmingham, AL. For athletes training in hot and humid conditions, proper hydration is absolutely vital. Unfortunately, many school teams lack funding to get players the electrolyte drinks they need to stay hydrated on and off the field. This can lead to dehydration, which can result in anything from cramping to dizziness. We’re honored to support the hard-working young athletes at Parker High School and beyond.

Hurricane Laura Relief – Lake Charles, LA

Hospital nurses pose with Liquid I.V. donations.

Back in August, when we heard Hurricane Laura was heading toward our neighbors in the South, we knew we had to lend a hand. With the help of our friend Grace Sewell, we were able to get Hydration Multiplier to the people of Lake Charles, LA, an area working to rebuild from the devastation of Hurricane Laura. Grace distributed servings to first responders, medical professionals, and members of the National Guard.  

We also donated to the Cajun Navy to help get Hydration Multiplier in the hands of residents affected by the storm. In total, we were able to send over 16,400 servings of Liquid I.V. to the Hurricane Laura relief effort. It's times like these when we remember the importance of community. 

Medical Relief – Somaliland & South Sudan

A pile of boxes carrying Liquid I.V. donations.

In September, we partnered with Direct Relief to donate 6,000 servings of Hydration Multiplier to Edna Adan University Hospital along with eight other regional hospitals throughout Somaliland. With the help of Direct Relief, these servings were distributed alongside 21 life-saving COVID-19 ICU kits. 

In the same month, we sent 9,000 servings of Hydration Multiplier to Memorial Christian Hospital in Bor, South Sudan. These servings helped to treat a devastating malaria outbreak in the region.

Whether it’s close to home or across the globe, we’re always looking for new ways to lend a hand—and none of it would be possible without our community. Remember, giveback is a group effort. With every purchase of Liquid I.V., you help us donate a serving to someone in need. Let’s continue to Change The World together.

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