New Look, Same Hydration: Liquid I.V.® Is More Refreshing Than Ever (Just Not In the Way You're Thinking)
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We’ve spent the last decade transforming hydration from the inside out. We take great pride in the impact we’ve made to the hydration space that was once overcrowded with fake sugars and flashy slogans with no functionality. In its place, we’ve created a new category of powdered hydration solutions that are extraordinarily convenient, highly effective, science-based, and intentional in packaging. Our devotion to hydration extends to communities in need near and far; as of 2024, we’ve donated 55M servings worldwide to those in need and are committed to 150 million servings by 2032. And today, we want to celebrate with you as we’ve upgraded the outside packaging to match the inside of extraordinary hydration.  

After sketches and iterations, brainstorms and big vision-making, it took years (yes, plural) of perfecting and hearing from our worldwide community of hydrators to reimagine our packaging. Now, it reflects the science-backed formulas that make us the #1 powdered hydration brand in America. While we revamped the outside, it’s important to note that the hydration you know, love, and count on is still the same.

The Total Hydration Package: What We Upgraded on Liquid I.V.® Packaging

  1. Our Logo is Bolder

Like a big glass of Hydration Multiplier® Pear, we replenished and rehydrated the Liquid I.V.® signage to help with easy spotting on shelves (in your pantry or on a last-minute shopping trip).

  1. We Punched Up the Color Scheme 

In a micro-moment, hydration has the power to help you access an exuberance that gives you the motivation to hike, dance, climb, surf, chase your kids, and more. We wanted that vitality to translate to the outside of our science-backed formula, which is why we upgraded the look with a saturated color palette.  

  1. We Brought the Flavor Front and Center 

When we started in 2015, we began with a crowd-pleasing flavor called Lemon Lime. Bright and zesty, this classic flavor started it all. Now, Hydration Multiplier® has expanded to over 15 flavors (with our flavor innovation team continuing to invent new worlds of flavor and taste satisfaction). Beyond that, we’ve introduced a suite of products addressing all different wellness needs like Hydration Multiplier® Sugar-Free, Hydration Multiplier® +Energy, and Hydration Multiplier® +Immune Support.  

Our delicious and bold flavor combinations deserve to be seen (not just tasted). Our new look featured them more clearly and prominently than ever. 

  1. We Added Bold Mouthwatering Fruit Imagery  

Picture this: it’s a beautiful sunny day and the beads of sweat are trickling down your cheek. You only have one goal on your mind: you want to be refreshed. It's time to tear a Liquid I.V.® stick with a mouthwatering experience start to finish, beginning with the fruit that inspires it all. Our dozens of true-to-fruit flavors include 8 vitamins and nutrients, 3x the electrolytes of the leading sports drink, and no artificial sweeteners. To illustrate our commitment to excellence for flavor and function, we decided to celebrate the ripe fruits that inspire these bold flavors and put them on the front of the stick.

What Makes Liquid I.V. #1?

The power in a stick of Liquid I.V.® is the science-backed formula that helps transform ordinary water into extraordinary hydration.  

Our formula is made with LIV HYDRASCIENCE™, an optimized ratio of electrolytes, essential vitamins, and clinically tested nutrients, ready to deliver superior hydration than water alone. Liquid I.V.® replaces necessary nutrients lost from everyday dehydration. Think about it; our body is made up of 60-70% water, so when we feel dehydrated, our body is imbalanced. LIV HYDRASCIENCE™ is designed to help replenish and restore that imbalance. 

You’ll also notice we changed the names of a few of our hydration favorites (kind of like Prince), but the formulations have stayed consistent. For example, Powdered Probiotic Kombucha is now Hydration Multiplier +Gut Health—its new name allows for clarity of its benefit as you whisk it off the shelf and mix it into your routine.

What’s Happening to the Old Packaging?

As the old packaging sunsets and goes out to pasture, our commitment to being mindful about waste stays top of mind. As we transition to our new look, you may notice some of the Liquid I.V.® you purchase still reflects our original packaging. We will be rolling out the new packaging and selling through our current inventory so that no electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients get tossed. Every stick matters.  

We didn’t just glow up without spreading the love—there are offers and savings sprinkled all over the site (up to 30% off, whoa) so take a look around, get curious, and revitalize your commitment to superior hydration than water alone. We’re thrilled to embark on this next season of extraordinary hydration together.  

Stay hydrated.  

*the #1 powdered hydration brand in America

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Liquid I.V.®
May 1, 2024 · 4 minutes

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