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Putting away the heavy winter wear, clearing away the clutter, swapping for higher SPF—it’s time to orient ourselves to spring. Just as we clear out the clutter in our physical spaces, our minds could use that same seasonal treatment.

Modern life means we're constantly bombarded with texts, emails, TikToks, and tweets (many of which we would skip over if given the choice). After a long day of this information avalanche, it might feel best to lose ourselves in something we’ve watched a million times or seek out comfort TV. But what if we took that same spring cleaning energy, and applied it to what we consume out in the world? It’s worth noting that our thoughts are often a byproduct of what we watch, listen to, and play on our phones. Switch it up, and in turn, we just might change our mindset. Check out the list below for shows, apps, and podcast episodes that could shake off the mental cobwebs and fuel inspiration instead.


With 19 distinct languages to choose from, there’s ample learning available on this interactive language app. Splurging on a one-year subscription will give you the grace to make mistakes (with unlimited “hearts” or game lives each lesson) and go ad-free. Inspire yourself by adding “bilingual” to your resume.


Former President Barack Obama narrates this latest documentary on Netflix, shining a light on National Parks across the globe. For a little awe-inducing escapism, settle into this five-part series that explores nature and reminds us why it’s worth protecting. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to hear the ASMR of the former president’s steady voice paired with majestic landscapes.

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Learning from the greats is a powerful way to pass the time. Through these multi-part series, gather info on how to harness your skillset (or forge a brand new one) from legends in their respective fields. It’s almost like you’re actually sharing a long dinner with your heroes. Explore what strikes your fancy: we recommend Parris Goebel who teaches creativity in choreography; Ron Finley who teaches the empowering act of growing your own food; or Alice Waters who shares tips of her James Beard-level talent in the kitchen.

###OTHERtone and Robinhood Snacks (and Beyond)

Podcasts are an excellent vehicle for learning something hyper-specific and inspiring, all while hitting the mental refresh button. Two top picks we've cited include the Pharrell-led podcast OTHERtone (check out the episode with Seth Rogen and gain insight on the creative process). Or, expand your mind in the world of investing, and catch straightforward, daily soundbites about which “unicorn” companies might be worth investing in, thanks to Robinhood Snacks.


Since your phone is bound to feel like another appendage these days, when you reach for it to scratch that social media itch, bust through a chapter or two instead. The Libby app connects with your local library card and provides access to hundreds of e-books and audiobooks, but without the need for an extra subscription lurking on your monthly statement. Peace of mind (and wallet) while reading for pleasure? Now that’s conscious consumption. P.S. Consider this also the permission you need to read what you’re excited about, and skip the books that make your eyes glaze over, no matter how many accolades they have.


All over the globe, people have recorded the lush symphonies of their backyard forests, and shared the audio with this site. They then turned those sounds into a radio station. That’s right—if you ever need a break from Top 40, turn on Tree.FM for a “random forest” and get lost in the sonic rush of flora and fauna.

####Sky Ting TV

Add movement to your routine, but make it a bendy, light-filled, memorable experience. Stream Sky Ting TV, a NYC-based studio that offers on-demand yoga classes, but always with a twist. Think: breathwork quickies, a class dubbed “pyro tings” which mixes HIIT and Katonah yoga, and a flow for hormone balancing.

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