These 4 Scent Curation Tips Will Turn Your Home Into a Day at the Spa

These 4 Scent Curation Tips Will Turn Your Home Into a Day at the Spa

Published March 27th, 2021

Spring is here, and with it comes longer days and hopefully more time with our loved ones. Watching the world emerge from hibernation is the ultimate yearly mood boost, but there are still rainy days, long work sessions, and times of restlessness after months spent indoors. This is where scent curation comes in. 

Smells can relax us after a long day, energize and clear our headspace in the morning before a workout, even lift our spirits after a tough year. Scent curation, also known as aromatherapy, is all about using certain aromatics in your environment to positively impact your state of mind—and there’s science to back it up. In fact, for decades, studies have shown that curating and experiencing specific scents can significantly alter your cognitive processes, emotions, and social interactions. Here are four different scents that you can use to level up and bring out the best version of yourself; whenever, wherever you are. 

1. Peppermint

This luscious green herb has long been studied for many beneficial health properties, including the use of its scent in altering mood and cognitive ability. The scent of peppermint extract has been proven to not only energize and enhance people’s focus, but also to improve memory recall. 

How To: Try applying skin-safe peppermint oil on your wrists and temples or use it in an oil diffuser in your office space for maximum productivity. If you want an extra energy upgrade, add a stick of Energy Multiplier to your water bottle to help you power through the afternoon slump. This natural, fast-acting duo can really revive your senses when you need it most. 

2. Jasmine 

Jasmine is a delicate white or yellow flower with a heady, sweet smell. It originates from parts of Asia and Europe, and has been used for centuries in food, as natural medicine, and to rev libido and sensuality. It’s often used in massages because it relaxes the nervous system and helps with circulation

How To: Jasmine oil is a great for a romantic date night or an evening at home with the cat. Using jasmine oil is stimulating and increases awareness while lessening feelings of irritability or stress. Need a boost in confidence and calmness? Jasmine has you covered. 

3. Bergamot 

This wildflower is native to most of North America and often used in honey because of its sweet scent and warm, bitter flavor profile. But bergamot can do so much more, especially as you think about curating scents for your individual needs. 

How To: Bergamot in essential skin-safe oils, candles, bath salts, or lotions, is perfect for lending you a helping hand when you’re feeling blue. In fact, when using bergamot oil, study subjects found that their low mood, mental tension, and energy levels improved. To get you back on track with positivity and energy, try rubbing bergamot oil on the spot behind your ears and wrists, then inhaling.

4. Lavender

Lavender is the iconic purple flower you probably already know and love. Anytime you need a proven tension reliever, a calm state of mind, or even help drifting off to sleep, lavender is a scent to have in your back pocket. 

How To: Before bed, try applying skin-safe lavender oil, or even soak in a tub with lavender bath salts. A hack for insomniacs: rub lavender oil on your big toe and put on socks to help you drift off. This product is versatile and known for chilling people out, so if you have trouble unwinding at night, consider lavender your new secret weapon. 

What do you think LIV Fam? Are there any scents that you really love to collect and include in your daily routine? Post your favorites and tag us @liquidiv

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