Trick or (Not-So-Sweet) Treat: 4 Candy Alternatives Your Neighbors Will Love

Trick or (Not-So-Sweet) Treat: 4 Candy Alternatives Your Neighbors Will Love

Published October 28th, 2021

Candy may be king on Halloween, but that’s only because it has no competition. If you want to bow out of the sugar race while still making the list of must-visit houses on your block, you’re in luck: These four fun, non-food treats will thrill little ghouls and parents alike. Plus, they’ll make it easier for allergy-affected kids to partake in the festivities. Pro tip: In line with the Teal Pumpkin Project, which promotes keeping separate, non-food trinkets and treats in an individual bowl for kids with allergies, pop a teal or blue colored pumpkin at your door so everyone knows you’re allergy aware—and prepared. 

If You Know, You Doh

It’s a classic for sure, but Play-Doh also has some developmental benefits you may not have noticed when you smashed, rolled, and molded it yourself. This sensory activity helps increase fine motor skills, can ease stress and anxiety, and fosters creativity. Pop a can into the happy hands of your little visitors and you’ll be giving them a gift that lasts a while and provides hours of entertainment. You can buy it in bulk here

Bottle Service

Kids can never have too many water bottles, and the ones they personalize will surely become instant favorites. Pairing a simple bottle with a sheet of Halloween stickers is a great way to let kids get creative—and stay hydrated. 

Glowing Reviews

Mini flashlights aren’t just a fun gift for the little goblins who knock on your door, they’re also a smart way to help them keep safe as the sun sets on Halloween night. You’ll help them light their way and make trick-or-treaters more visible to passing cars. Pro tip: Pick lights that have batteries included. 

Get Creative

Whether it’s using sidewalk chalk for mischief-making on Halloween night or crayons, colored pencils, and mini erasers for their own art, kids can express so much creativity with just a few simple tools. By giving out art supplies, you’re encouraging their creative side to shine in the days to come, well after the witching hour has passed. 

Whatever goodies you choose, make sure they’re light enough for kids to carry, and small enough to fit in their bags. If they light up, like flashlights, check them first to make sure everything is in working order. Then, sit back and enjoy the happy faces you’ll see when you give out these ghoulishly good treats.

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