6 Tips for a Better Winter Wake Up Call

6 Tips for a Better Winter Wake Up Call

Published February 14th, 2022

Winter’s darker, colder, drearier mornings make the warm spot under your covers especially alluring, so the trick is cushioning your evening and morning routines with ideas that make rising a little—or a lot—more fun. If you’re struggling to get up and at ‘em, try one of these eye-openers tomorrow morning. 

Try a Sunrise Alarm Clock

Mornings can feel extra miserable when you’re awakened by an abrupt sound that kick starts an adrenaline rush. Instead, consider a sunrise alarm clock. Since light is one cue that your body understands time, these sunrise-mimicking clocks start to gently wake your body with a golden glow before a second alarm jostles you up. Even better, they may help establish a regular rhythm of light exposure, which is good for your circadian rhythm and the overall quality of your sleep. 

Say No to Snooze

If you’re loyal to your smartphone alarm, it may help to break up with the snooze button. Reality check: Snoozing is not real sleep. It disrupts the REM stage of sleep and, at five- to ten- minutes a clip, isn’t restorative at all. In fact, it taps into your body’s natural flight-or-fight response and may even increase your blood pressure. Instead, focus on getting quality sleep, aiming for 7-8 hours a night, and change your settings to turn off snooze. 

Wake Up to the Smell of Coffee

It’s a trick of time and space—while it may only take seven minutes for your coffee to brew, it somehow feels like an hour. Instead of shuffling into the kitchen to press start and count the minutes, set a timer so that your coffee is waiting for you this time. If your coffee maker doesn’t have a timer (and most percolators don’t), try plugging it into a smart plug or even an old school indoor timer. Wake up to the slightly nutty, caramelized aroma and immediately enjoy that first steaming hot mug. Not into coffee? Prep a glass of water near your bedside table with a stick of our Energy Multiplier at the ready, and enjoy first thing. 

Dream Sweeter

A meal to dream about is a great way to motivate you out from underneath the covers. Overnight oats are easily prepared the night before and taste better the longer they sit. You can make them up to a week ahead, and try a variety of fillings (like berries, cacao nibs, or spices and nuts) to keep things interesting. Prefer a warm breakfast in the winter? Try oatmeal in your slow cooker

Find Your Passion

The quiet hours of the morning can also be incredibly productive for creative pursuits. The idea of getting out of bed to do something you love can be more motivating than just jumping into the everyday hustle, and practices such as The Artist’s Way have helped many creatives explore their passions with an early morning routine. Or, try The Miracle Morning, which suggests a series of affirmations or journaling, meditation, and exercise to get your body and mind going. Even just the practice of a crossword (or feeding your Wordle addiction) can get your right brain activated.

Check Yourself

If you find you’re really dragging in the morning, it couldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor. Hidden issues like anemia and vitamin D deficiencies can lead to fatigue, so it’s worth having your levels checked just to be sure.

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