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Liquid I.V. Has a New Instagrammer in Town… And Her Name is The Balanced Blonde!
August 14th, 2015
By The Co-Founders


Hey everyone! We have had a lot of fun new developments going on over here at Liquid I.V. HQ, and we want to start letting you know what we have been up to. Our team has been expanding, we’ve moved into a new office building, we have an exciting brand revamp coming this Fall, and a good friend of ours has taken over our social media accounts! You may have noticed that our Instagram photos are starting to look a little more streamlined and we have been posting more frequently in the last few weeks. Since our original team has been wrapped up in the business side of things, our social media always ended up taking a bit of a backseat. We wanted to change that and make sure to bring you guys fresh, new content as often as possible, so we decided to bring on Jordan from The Balanced Blonde to do the job.

Jordan went to college with both of us, and in the last couple of years she has developed a brand around her health and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. Social media is a huge part of what she does in her daily life between running @thebalancedblonde account, her clothing account @tbvapparel and her personal Instagram @jojoyounger. Jordan loves all things photography and editing related, and her passion for health fits right in with what we do at LIV. She has also been a LIV supporter from the beginning, so bringing her onto the team to do what she knows best made a lot of sense for us.

We like to have fun around the office… Brandin felt left out of the cool kid pose.

Don’t be surprised when you start seeing more behind the scenes photos on our social media, more fun giveaways and collaborations, inspirational quotes that align with our brand, and… for the first time in a while, photos of us! A large part of building Liquid IV for us means connecting with you guys & being a part of the healthy living community. The support we’ve been shown from all of you since we started has been awesome, and it’s been a big part of our social media. (You know we are always reposting your Snapchats and the photos you send us!). Keep on sending us photos & Snapchats, take LIV with you when you travel and hashtag #LIVaroundtheworld, and tell us if you have any social media collaboration ideas! We are very open and excited about this new endeavor.

#LIVitup, and welcome to the team, Jordan!

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