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Wheels’ Up

January 15th, 2015

By Ryan Wheeler, Major League Baseball Player

Thanksgiving in Seattle, graduation from Loyola Marymount (finally) in December, two year anniversary in Scottsdale, AZ, Christmas in Torrance, CA, proposing to my now fiancé on a cliff over the ocean, and welcoming in the new year while partying like the cast of the Great Gatsby. If your holidays were anything like mine – full of food, travelling, excessive amounts of family, and a variety of libations – I hope you were well stocked with Liquid I.V. to keep you moving!

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post for Liquid I.V.! I am Ryan Wheeler. I play baseball professionally within the Los Angeles Angels organization and have been a pro since 2009. I love what I do, and I have to take care of myself in order to keep doing it. Staying healthy is essential to my and any professional athlete’s success. Everything I do drains my body of water and essential nutrients, and I need to stay hydrated to perform at my best. Liquid I.V. keeps my body hydrated and optimally functioning so that I can keep going.

I leave for Spring Training in Arizona tomorrow, and I am so ready to get back into the grind and work hard. Baseball is a long season full of late nights, workouts, buses, planes, and the occasional double-header. I’ll get tired, and I will have Liquid I.V. in my bag and on my nightstand. I hope you stay tuned to the ups and downs, the home runs and the strike-outs, and just every day, life draining fun to include planning a wedding, living with my new fiancé’s parents, and building flourishing companies in my free time. My goal is to give you an idea of what it takes to chase dreams while developing a foundation to fall back on. Everyone’s path to success is unique, and hopefully you can apply certain aspects of my path to your own.

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