7 Reasons You’ll Want to Try Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free

7 Reasons You’ll Want to Try Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free

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It’s happened, LIV Fam: Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free (that you’ve been requesting for literal YEARS) is finally here. We’ve perfected the formulation, kept up the efficacy standards, and now available in White Peach, Lemon Lime, and Green Grape, it’s set to be your favorite bevvy of the summer and beyond. Here’s seven reasons why we’re raising our glasses and toasting to Sugar-Free right now.

####1: It Was Worth the Wait

This variety has been under development for more than two years, and with good reason. In the sugar-free market, there hasn’t been anything quite like this before. Now, we’re proud to release a delicious sugar-free option designed to deliver on our Liquid I.V. promise: more effective and efficient hydration than water alone. Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free is a new innovative hydration solution when low or no sugar options are desired, great for daily hydration. Our original Hydration Multiplier is best suited for faster rehydration as an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS).

“I couldn’t be prouder of the approach that we took,” says Alex Norred, the Director of New Product Development at Liquid I.V. “We had to come up with science that has never been done. That takes time, as integrity and intention is behind everything we do…We took our time with purpose.”

And it paid off: The power couple combo of flavor and science, Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free lives up to the promise and tastes so, so good.

###Reason #2: Sugar? Don’t Know Her.

Instead of creating a variety with artificial sweeteners (both of which can have off-putting and lingering aftertastes), Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free formula has no artificial sweeteners and uses allulose. Allulose is a rare, naturally occurring sweetener that has the same sweet taste and texture one can expect from table sugar but does not raise blood glucose levels like table sugar. The result is delicious, functional hydration.

###Reason #3: It’s an Easy Way to Be Mindful of Calories

If you’re looking to reduce your caloric intake but know depriving yourself isn’t the answer, we understand—and we’ve got good news. With an average of 15 calories per packet, Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free serves its purpose with contributing to substantial calories of the day.

###Reason #4: It Makes a Sugar-Free Lifestyle, Oh So Sweet

There are plenty of reasons why you might choose to go sugar-free, like personal preference or dietary concerns like diabetes and PCOS. The science behind Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free means you’re getting all the good stuff (think: electrolytes, vitamins, and a rehydration solution you love in your favorite Hydration Multiplier) and none of what you don’t want. Using a mix of both Hydration Multiplier and Hydration Multiplier Sugar-Free sticks at different times and occasions, based on your lifestyle and preference, is just perfect—Sugar-Free is formulated for everyone. And as a reminder, if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor.

Not to mention, if you’ve got other dietary restrictions, we’ve got you covered. These flavors are also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free.

###Reason #5: The Flavors Are Instant Favorites

What does allulose go well with? That was a question that our Research & Development team had to tackle when creating Sugar-Free, reimagining flavor combo after combo to create a stick to live up to the standard that our fan-favorite sticks have set. We finally achieved the perfect balance with classic Lemon Lime, robust and summer-ready White Peach, and tart Green Grape, with more flavors to come. Trust us: you want to try them.

###Reason #6: Meet Amino Acid Allulose Blend

Our proprietary Amino Acid Allulose Blend is a science-backed mix of high-quality ingredients (the stars include L-glutamine, L-alanine, allulose) that helps deliver hydration more effectively than water alone. This blend was carefully formulated by a team of scientists and clinically studied to improve hydration in the absence of sugar when combined with amino acids and electrolytes.

###Reason #7:  You Already Know You’re Going To Love It

You’re the reason this formula was created, LIV Fam—because you asked for it. We understand that you like options that fit into your life, and this trio of bold, delicious flavors was created with you in mind. It’s been a long time coming, and you’ve been waiting—so why wait any longer?


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