Daughters of the Field: Helping Central Valley Farmworkers Through the Pandemic

Daughters of the Field: Helping Central Valley Farmworkers Through the Pandemic

Published September 13th, 2021

At Liquid I.V., we’re dedicated to helping people everywhere to live better lives. Sometimes, that means supporting those who are supporting others. 

Earlier this year, we partnered with Hijas del Campo, an organization that provides food, masks, and hydration to essential farmworkers in California’s Central Valley**, East Contra Costa, and San Joaquin County**. According to the United States Geological Survey, the Central Valley uses only one percent of U.S. farmland, but provides one fourth of the country’s food. It’s an enormously productive region, with campesinos, or farmers, often working 10-hour days, seven days a week. But during the pandemic, the campesinos faced health risks from working in close contact with one another, as well as the poor air quality from California’s wildfire season. In 2020, four hijas del campo, or “daughters of the field,” started a collection to help the campesinos, and donations poured in from the surrounding community. 

For the campesinos, staying hydrated is crucial—especially in the summer months. In June, Hijas del Campo reached out to us to request a donation. Moved by the plight of the farmworkers, and also by the dedication of the hijas, we sent 90,000 sticks to the Central Valley campesinos. 

In an Instagram post on July 15th, the organization wrote: “Today we had the honor to receive an incredible, and heartfelt donation from @LiquidIV of 90,000 units of water hydration packets. These packets will be donated to our local Essential Farm Workers over the course of an extremely hot summer. With massive heat waves on the west coast this year, @LiquidIV made sure we were equipped to support the health and well being of the people that put food on our tables.”

LIV Fam, it’s your purchases and support that make all this possible. We simply could not do this without you. 

For more information about Hijas del Campo, check out their Instagram @hijasdelcampo.

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