Daylight Savings Have You Feeling Down? Prepare With These Helpful Tips

Daylight Savings Have You Feeling Down? Prepare With These Helpful Tips

Published October 23rd, 2020

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Ah, the dreaded clock change. Daylight savings time is upon us once again, but don’t panic, LIV Fam! November 1st technically marks the end of daylight savings time, meaning we gain an hour of sleep instead of losing one. 

Setting your clocks forward, or in this case, back, can interfere with your circadian rhythm (kind of like your body’s internal clock). It coordinates your body’s physical and behavioral responses to different times of the day (aka the sleep-wake cycle). Even a one hour time change can trigger what’s called “body clock confusion”. Why? Well, the sleep-wake cycle doesn’t understand that we’re setting our clocks back an hour. It only knows that we’re waking and sleeping at different times and that there’s less sunlight during daytime hours. 

Falling back and springing forward can leave you feeling groggy and almost jet-lagged during the day, in addition to struggling to sleep at night. If your circadian rhythm doesn’t know what to do when, it can disrupt hormone production, slow down your metabolism, mess with digestion, immune system functions, and even moods! Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize the effects of messing with the clock. Read on for tips to help you prep for the time change.

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Energize Your Day

Confused body clock making you groggy? Here are three ways to greet the day with enthusiasm: 

  1. Vitamin D: Vitamin D is important for maintaining steady energy throughout your day, and we soak in a lot of vitamin D from sunlight. Therefore, less sunshine = less energy! Make sure you are getting in at least 20 minutes of sunlight during the day. If you find yourself stuck inside, try an artificial sunlight lamp to boost your energy and keep your vitamin D levels up. 
  2. Energy Multiplier: This fall, ditch the coffee bean and forget about those jittery, headache-inducing caffeine crashes. Each convenient, travel-friendly stick of Liquid I.V.’s Energy Multiplier contains ~100mg of fast-acting, natural caffeine. Its proprietary blend features Matcha, a naturally caffeinated powder made from hand-selected Japanese green tea leaves. Matcha is known to provide stable, clean energy throughout the day with no crash. Perfect for getting a leg up on autumn!
  3. Move Your Body: It’s especially important during quarantine to remain active however you can. Many of us are still working from home, or isolating and not able to go to the gym. This doesn’t mean our bodies don’t need to keep moving! The days are growing shorter, so it may mean making time for exercise before it gets dark. Starting the day with a yoga practice or going for a lunchtime walk around the block is a great way to stay active as we ease into the new season.

Say Bye to Sleepless Nights

Our circadian rhythm controls our melatonin production, which is the sleep hormone responsible for letting our bodies know when it’s bedtime. If your circadian rhythm gets out of whack, that can mean more tossing and turning. Here are some tips to help you snooze into fall:

  1. Stick to a Schedule: It’s tempting to stay up later due to the time change when you know you’ll get to snooze for an extra hour in the morning—but don’t give in! Sticking to a consistent bedtime is essential to getting the rest your body needs. If you start switching up the schedule around daylight savings time, your circadian rhythm can get even more confused, meaning restless sleep. Avoid it and turn off Netflix at night—it will still be there tomorrow! 
  2. Preparation is Key: It’s important to prepare your body for sleep, so make time to relax before bedtime arrives. This signals to your circadian rhythm that it is time for your body to release melatonin and help you wind down. Turn off all electronics at least an hour before you go to bed and wear blue light glasses during the day. The goal is to minimize the blue light rays that signal your brain to stay awake and active. Take a relaxing bath or get cozy and read a good book instead! Before you know it, you’ll be drifting off to Dreamland. 
  3. Sleep Multiplier: Looking for more support? Try Sleep Multiplier, our delicious, natural, drug-free nighttime sleep aid. This proprietary blend of Melatonin, L-Theanine, and Valerian root is designed to help you eazzz into sleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed! 

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep and days with boundless, stable energy levels to put a smile on our faces, LIV Fam. For some of us, this can be more difficult to achieve in the winter months, but there’s no better time to start supporting your sleep-wake cycle with healthy habits. Take this extra hour as your cue to get wellness ready for fall!

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