Extraordinary Hydration At Work: Inside Liquid I.V.®’S Advanced Science

Extraordinary Hydration At Work: Inside Liquid I.V.®’S Advanced Science

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This summer is all about unlocking exuberance and exhilaration, while tapping into our own energy source and taking life to new heights (Vacations! Side hustles! Learning how to rock climb?). We’re calling in big things; can’t you tell with our new makeover? It’s time to activate our potential which includes (ahem, STARS) extraordinary hydration. Think about it; as humans, we are made of 60-70% water, and when we feel dehydrated, we may feel imbalanced. Add in triple digit temps, plus dreamy holidays and international flights, spending hours in the sunshine (don’t forget sunscreen!) and staying up under the moon or a disco ball, and hydration feels more critical than ever.  

It’s important to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost, especially the #1 electrolyte we lose when we sweat: sodium. So if you’re feeling thirsty, that could mean you’re already dehydrated. Drinking water alone isn’t always enough because electrolytes may be needed to rehydrate effectively. Not to mention, most of us aren’t drinking enough fluids to begin with. Let this stat sit with you: the average American drinks approximately 50% of the daily water recommended by a doctor. The idea of begrudgingly getting in ounces for hydration never sat right with us, which is why over 10 years ago, we began delivering superior hydration than water alone in on the go sticks to catapult hydrating into a functional, pleasurable experience. Now, we’re here to dive deeper into the advanced science that Liquid I.V. leverages, and to share how these science-backed formulas support phases of hydration. Because without the right nutrients, water alone can pass through the body. Hydration is a big job, right?

First, Let’s Zoom Out: What is Dehydration?

Most of us only know the term, dehydration when speaking of feeling thirsty or needing fluids. Dehydration is defined as the process of dynamic water loss in the system. However, there’s also euhydration, which means optimal body water content, which is regulated by the brain. It’s valuable to pay attention to our bodies and their hydration needs and signals. Even a 2% body mass loss in water influences cognitive and aerobic performance. Water loss and maintaining proper electrolyte balance is a process of tuning in every day; from breathing to sweating during a workout, it’s critical to replenish water and nutrients lost every day.

Enter, our Science-Backed Formula: LIV HYDRASCIENCE™

We’ve built hydration for physical endurance, mental clarity, and overall wellbeing—this is all powered by LIV HYDRASCIENCE™. By replacing necessary nutrients lost from everyday dehydration, Liquid I.V. aims to turn ordinary water into extraordinary hydration. This science backed and Osmolabs certified formula is clinically tested to support rehydration. If we dive deeper in the formula, a few standout vitamins deserve their own moment. Vitamin C is present for immune support, while B3, B5, B6, and B12 provide everyday wellness measures. B vitamins are critical for different metabolic needs within the body, that support the brain and nervous system. That energy is essential for all the big summer plans on deck this season, which is why it’s strategic to take your electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients to go with you all season.

Science In Motion: Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nutrients for Phases of Hydration

As the #1 powdered hydration brand in America, we set ourselves apart living at the intersection of craveable flavor and science-backed formulas. How does that look in practice? Every stick of Liquid I.V.® has 3x the electrolytes of the leading sports drink as well as 8 vitamins and nutrients. This optimized ratio of electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients aims to transform ordinary water into superior hydration than water alone; and as explained, micro moments of dehydration may be happening all day long. Below, learn a little more about the composition of a Liquid I.V. stick and its functionality to hydration:

SODIUM is key for water retention. 

When we sweat, the #1 electrolyte lost is sodium. Liquid I.V. is designed to replenish this electrolyte. Whether you’re an athlete or enjoy a leisurely stroll now and again, electrolytes like sodium are necessary in the body to sustain total body water content.  

GLUCOSE promotes water absorption.  

The presence of glucose is critical for transport and moving water into the upper intestine. . Glucose supports fluid absorption and transporting water into the intestine for improved performance.   

SODIUM is key for water distribution.  

Sodium is essential nutrient and critical to maintain fluid levels in and outside of the cells, and therefore, it is critical to replenish.  

GREAT TASTE promotes fluid intake. 

We are relentless in the pursuit of effective hydration that’s also delicious, because ultimately that is going to naturally motivate you to hydrate more. Hydration deserves to be a wellness priority but also an enjoyable one.

Experience a stick of extraordinary hydration and the science-backed power of LIV HYDRASCIENCE™ for yourself—shop your favorite flavors or discover new classics now.

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