Flavor Your Spring Holiday: Pack Your LIV Flavor & Head Out For Adventure

Flavor Your Spring Holiday: Pack Your LIV Flavor & Head Out For Adventure

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The long-awaited spring thaw is here, and we are seriously feeling the wanderlust, LIV Fam. Those winter days spent dreaming of the open road, sandy beaches and warm strolls in the sun have all led up to this: It’s time for Spring Break. As we take runs from the treadmill to the trail, or simply drive with the windows cracked and the radio on, we’re ready to go—and we bet you are, too.  

The thing is, so many of our favorite spring activities need hydration that keeps up. Think: long, winding drives in the mountains, catching a quick flight to a low-key beach town, gathering a group of friends to head to that far-flung music festival. Wherever you go this spring, make sure to bring your water bottle and your favorite sticks of Hydration Multiplier—you’re going to need electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients to keep dehydration at bay. So, the question is, which flavor of Liquid I.V. fits into your exciting springtime schemes? Find out, then stock up for your adventure.  

###Miami, Florida + Watermelon  

The average temp in April hits a perfectly balmy 76-degrees, making Miami suited for just about anything you’d like to do. Secure your spot in the sand and surf during the day, then head out for some of the area’s famous nightlife after dinner. While you’re in town, check out the food tours in Little Havana or rent out a private cruise for cocktails at sunset. Our tip: Try a mocktail with Hydration Multiplier Watermelon. Discover crisp watermelon flavor with top notes of unexpected rose for a mix that feels upbeat and vibrant, just like Miami itself.  

###New York City + Pear 

There’s something about spending your days off exploring all things, well, cosmopolitan: Taking in the masterpieces at legendary museums, window-shopping along the tree-lined streets, or squeezing in a jog across the Highline. New York is at its best in spring—all sunshine and cool breezes—so keep up with the 10K+ steps with a crisp flavor like Hydration Multiplier Pear. Move over, Big Apple—curvy, robust Pear might just be this city’s new go-to. 

###Savannah, Georgia + Sugar-Free White Peach 

Your southern getaway to Savannah is bound to be sweet—just like a Georgia peach. (See what we did there?) Start your day with a run through stunning Forsyth Park, where the Garden of Fragrance will be at its spring peak. Shop along the bustling streets for Savannah-made goods (we recommend Byrd Cookie Co for an out-of-this-world treat!) and then, if you’re brave, try a haunted night tour of this famously spooky city. The flavor to keep up with it all: Sugar-Free White Peach, thanks to Amino Acid Allulose Blend. It’s the innovative hydration solution with zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners and stays on theme with the gorgeous surroundings (and leaves room for sweet tea!)  

###Glacier National Park + Lemon Lime 

What better way to shake off those winter blues than with a week in Big Sky country? Hike to the waterfalls for lunch, hear the stories told by the indigenous peoples who call the Glacier area home, and spend your nights gazing up at a blanket of bright stars. Our drink pick for this incredible adventure: Hydration Multiplier Lemon Lime. This classic flavor features a sunny burst of citrus that is equal parts zesty and refreshing, plus you’ll want triple the electrolytes of the leading sports drink as you explore all the rich nature.  

###Las Vegas + Golden Cherry 

If you’re lucky enough to be headed to Las Vegas, you’ve already hit the jackpot. Head to the casinos and place your bets as you will, and don’t worry—there’s still plenty to do when you’re taking a break from the tables. Check out the Neon Boneyard for a look at some of the strip’s iconic (and bright) history, or take a hike through Red Rocks National Park. The perfect flavor pairing for your experience: Hydration Multiplier Golden Cherry—cherries, after all, are a symbol of good luck and good fortune. It's also a smart idea to balance out the late nights and rowdy shenanigans with electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients.

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###Palm Springs + Strawberry Lemonade 

Even if you’re not planning your trip around the iconic festival circuit, you’ll still find lots of fun to be had in Palm Springs. Start by exploring Sunnylands, a 200-acre desert oasis known for its stunning gardens.  Don’t miss the shopping in the El Paseo district, and if you have a car take the trip to experience Joshua Tree National Park. The sip to suit this desert vacay: Hydration Multiplier Strawberry Lemonade, highlighting notes of muddled strawberry with crisp lemonade. It’s (desert) sunshine in your glass. The heat will also beckon you to prioritize hydration—make sure you’ve got sticks throughout your adventure.  

###Road Trip + Mango Tamarind 

Sometimes it’s not about the destination. For your road trip this spring, pack up everything you need to enjoy the long stretches of highway in front of you: Your best playlist, a blanket for when it’s your turn to catch some sleep, and a drink that gives you an extra bit of energy when you’re in the driver’s seat: Energy Multiplier in Mango Tamarind. Mixing the luscious flavor of mango with tangy notes of tamarind, this favorite packs 100mg*of natural caffeine from Coffeeberry® and CognatIQ™ Coffee Fruit Extract—that’s as much as 1-2 8oz cups of coffee.  

###Disney + Sugar-Free Raspberry Melon 

If you’re destined for Disney this Spring Break, take it from the pros: Hydration at the parks is a must. And, it’s easy: Bring a refillable water bottle and you’ll get free water refills at all of the park restaurants. Then, just add a pack of our flavor pick: NEW Sugar-Free Raspberry Melon. In a collision of sweet and tart, it will help you battle Florida’s infamous humidity. Take a stick with you as you wait in line for rides , and save your sugar budget for an iconic Mickey ice cream pop afterwards.  

Don’t forget to keep kids cool, hydrated, and happy well past the closing parade, too; stock up on Hydration Multiplier For Kids in Cotton Candy, featuring 50% less sugar and three times the electrolytes of leading sports drink**. And it tastes so good, you’ll never have to remind them to take a drink.

*Per stick. Caffeine is naturally occurring and actual amount may vary. 

**Per 8 fl. Oz.

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