Giving Tuesday is Giving 365: Our Impact Initiatives at Liquid I.V.

Giving Tuesday is Giving 365: Our Impact Initiatives at Liquid I.V.

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##Water is a human right.  

At Liquid I.V. we believe that clean and abundant water is a universal right, but the global water crisis confirms to us it is not yet a reality. And unfortunately without intervention, it is set to worsen. Today, 771M people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, and according to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #6, 1.6 billion people will lack safely managed drinking water by 2030. This issue is present domestically as well, with over 2 million people in the U.S. living without clean and safe running water at home.  

We recognize the gravity of these statistics and the importance of water as a central force for life. That’s why our Impact initiatives extend all year long, funding and participating with important water changemakers worldwide. 

As a purpose-driven brand, giving back is at the core of Liquid I.V.’s DNA. Since its founding, we have made it a mission to give back. It started with hydration aid. Before we were even a profitable company, we donated a serving to someone in need with every purchase. To date (November 2023), our team has donated over 50 million servings, with a team commitment to reach an additional 150 million servings of Liquid I.V. donated by 2032. 

In the last few years, we have expanded into water access beyond the 1-to-1 donation model we’ve operated on prior, fostering initiatives and forging relationships with leaders in the water space.  

Our brand amplifies the power of water through both the products and partnerships we build. For us, every day is an opportunity to use our business as a catalyst for change and to bring awareness to hydration and water access issues.  

This Giving Tuesday, we want to celebrate the innovative and inspirational partners we support who help deliver hydration and clean water to communities in the United States and around the world.  

##2023 Clean Water Grants 

At our core, we believe that a healthier world for all begins with clean and abundant water. That’s why we partner with leading water, humanitarian, and community-based organizations to advance innovative solutions that help communities protect their water and their future. In 2023, we provided a $1.3M grant to three organizations focused on funding innovative solutions for and expanding access to clean water. 


Ethiopia’s people experienced the most extreme drought in its history, with at least 24 million people affected. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) began its work in the country over 20 years ago, and this year, Liquid I.V. provided $500,000 to restore and expand access to clean water sources. Through this investment, Liquid I.V. directly impacted the lives of 41,903 drought affected people across 3 woredas (districts) – Dasenech, Hammer and Bena Tsemay – in the South Omo zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNP), Ethiopia. These communities were experiencing critical WASH needs, and the funding enabled them to access safe water supply through the rehabilitation and expansion of existing water supply schemes and safe hygiene and sanitation practices.  

Specifically, a few highlights include: 

  • Rehabilitation work of 3 motorized water systems and 23 shallow wells and construction of 2 blocks of gender-segregated latrines (each with 14 stances) at the targeted three intervention woredas.  

  • 3 borehole water schemes have been rehabilitated; 12 new water distribution points and 7.8 km pipeline extension works from existing systems to newly constructed water points were implemented.  

  • 23 WASH committees with 161 members (69 Female and 92 Male) have been established and revitalized at each water scheme level and capacity building training have been provided to the members WASH committee.

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###MAP International 

MAP International has distributed 6.8 million servings of Liquid I.V. since our partnership began three years ago. But while we initially partnered with them to distribute ORS across the globe, this year our support extended beyond hydration aid.  

This year, we provided $300,000 in funding to support Map International’s work in Liberia and Burkina Faso. 

Liberia is experiencing a clean water crisis, despite having some of the heaviest rainfall averages in the world. This year, we expanded our partnership beyond immediate hydration aid to create durable, lasting impact through clean water projects. Our $300,000 grant supports a local NGO partner ACTS (Actions Transforming Lives) who worked alongside Liberian communities to provide access to clean water. MAP and ACTS have been engaged in the Liberian water crisis for years. According to Thomas Borwah, Executive Director of ACTS, they supported 20,000 people and brought 45+ handpumps to some of the most remote communities, where access to installing this infrastructure imposes a challenge in and of itself. 

This year, our partners at MAP International actively installed 20+ hand pump wells in Liberian communities including Fenutoli and Doe Town, as well as additional hand pumps and water filters in the neighboring country of Burkina Faso. 

Liquid I.V.’s support aimed to provide installation and implementation of hand pumps and water filtration in targeted communities, focused on women, children, and IDPs. 


While Liquid I.V. continues to support global populations affected by crises, our team also recognized the opportunity for clean water access innovation in our own backyard — Los Angeles. 

The UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge tackles climate change by leveraging interdisciplinary, university-wide research, expertise and education with its public and private partners to help transform LA. Liquid I.V. supported the challenge by providing $542,986 to fund three water security projects: 

·       An Undergraduate Research Scholars Program 

·       An Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Graduate Fellows Program 

·       A Faculty Research Project 

We believe these programs will support the development of next-generation climate and sustainability solutions. 

Liquid I.V.'s approach to expanding water security is driven by the values of community empowerment, innovation, and equity to create long-lasting, sustainable impact.

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##U.S. Water Security  


In 2021, Liquid I.V. established a partnership with DigDeep, a human rights focused WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) organization that brings clean, running water to communities in the United States. Through the Appalachia Water Project, DigDeep has helped provide 600 community members (and counting) access to clean, potable water directly in their homes. 

The project started by funding piped water connections for 100 families in McDowell County, WV that had intermittent water access and experienced poor water quality due to 100-year-old infrastructure. To read more about DigDeep and their mission to close the water access gap, click here.  

We know from our work with DigDeep that reliable, clean, running water not only provides people with dignity, but also improves overall community well-being. Just take it from Eddie George, Community Relations Coordinator of the Appalachia Water Project: "Someone who has never had running water, to now have it in their home, you can see on their can see all of the mental anguish leave, not to mention the financial burden as's a feeling I don't know if I can even articulate." 

###Impact On the Road 

Liquid I.V. Impact Ambassadors, Candice & Christine, hit the road to visit organizations and community leaders who are solving today's domestic water issues. We traveled from LA to Washington D.C. to capture inspiring stories of changemakers in the water space. To watch the important nationwide tour, visit our Youtube channel.  

On the tour, we made stops and spoke with thought leaders and activists in the water space including: 

  • Heal the Bay 

  • Colorado River Waterkeeper of The Waterkeeper Alliance 

  • Latino Climate Council of the Hispanic Access Foundation 

  • Pearl River Keepers of The Waterkeeper Alliance 

  • Community Water Center (CWC) 

  • We the People of Detroit (WTP) 

  • The Center for Water Security and Cooperation (CWSC)

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This spring in Bodega Bay, California, we commenced the first annual Confluence summit. Confluence is Liquid I.V.'s signature program, which supports engaged leaders in water security and clean water access. The event aims to cross-pollinate organizations to create effective and innovative solutions and provides catalytic funding to support their water access and protection projects. 

 Confluence brought together ten trailblazing and diverse organizations committed to advancing clean water security in communities. Each of the ten organizations and 20 individuals participating in Confluence brought their unique perspectives and expertise to the table, focusing on different areas around clean water, including policy, environment, access, equity, and infrastructure. 

By fostering collaboration and information sharing, this immersive and experiential event connected people so they could come to greater, more tangible water security solutions. Liquid I.V. also provided funding to each of the participating organizations to support projects that make a tangible difference in United States communities. From the creation of water law internships to climate resilience toolkits, we look forward to seeing these new partnerships flourish and the momentum continue into 2024. 

###Hydration Aid 

According to the United Nations, 90% of deaths from natural disasters occur in low-income countries and force 20 million people into poverty each year. When individuals become dehydrated because of limited access to water or having consumed unsafe water, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) to provide immediate hydration  

Liquid I.V.’s formula is certified as an Oral Rehydration Solution and used in disaster relief. It is one of the top items needed in disaster response for individuals suffering from dehydration, thus, we make it a priority to supply our Hydration Multiplier to organizations delivering supplies to communities with urgent need. In 2023 alone, Liquid I.V. is expected to donate 15 million servings.   

##Our Product Donation Partnerships  

We work with international partners who deliver life-saving supplies to regions that most urgently need them. We are proud to work with a variety of organizations who are keeping communities and the people who serve them hydrated.  

###Direct Relief  

Direct Relief is Liquid I.V.’s longest humanitarian and disaster relief partner; it is an organization that delivers medical supplies to clinics in the U.S. and health providers throughout the world. 

This year, Direct Relief distributed 2.7 million servings of our hydration solution in 20 countries, 45 U.S. states, and 1 U.S. territory including: 

  • Ukrainian refugees  

  • Turkey/Syria earthquake recovery

###MAP International 

MAP International leverages its nearly 70 years of experience in responding to all forms of disasters to get donations of Liquid I.V. to those that need it most. 

This year, MAP distributed 8.9 million servings of our hydration solution to 43 countries. In 2023 alone, our teams have responded to disasters that included: 

  • The war in Ukraine and refugees in neighboring countries  

  • Support of refugee camps for International Displaced Persons in Burkina Faso 

  • The cholera outbreak in Haiti

The work Liquid I.V. does with these organizations is central to our goal to deliver hydration to those who need it most. This year, we have donated an additional 2 million servings to humanitarian aid organizations including Food for the Poor and World Central Kitchen.  

Community Product Donations 

Liquid I.V. also makes it a priority to deliver hydration to Americans who work hard every day to keep communities safe, supported, and thriving. Below are a few additional partners we have supported this year through product donations: 

  • Fire Departments (nationwide): 131,000 servings 

  • Food Banks (LA Food Bank, Feeding America network partners, etc.): 1.4 million servings 

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Organizations: 194,000 servings

Micro-Donation Program 

Liquid I.V. donates thousands of servings every year through our micro-donation program, where community organizations and nonprofits can request a donation. Through this program, we’ve donated our product to organizations ranging from local volunteer fire departments to nonprofits hosting 5K/10K runs. Our team is on track to donate 150,000 servings through this program in 2023. 

Could your community or nonprofit organization use some Liquid I.V.? Let us help you make a positive impact in your community, by filling out the product donation request form.#

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##The Future of Our Year-Round Giving Work  

Water is one of the basic elements necessary for life. In order to create a healthy world, we must work together as a community to improve water access. And it’s been an inspiring, busy year to say the least—but we’re just getting started. 

This year, Liquid I.V. donated 15 million servings of Hydration Multiplier to people who urgently needed hydration. In addition, Liquid I.V. provided grants of $1.3 million to international programs and community-driven solutions to water insecurity. A healthier world for all begins with clean and abundant water, and we are just getting started.  

If you want to learn more about our impact initiatives and programs, check out our Impact page. There, you can explore different aspects of our initiatives and check out videos of our team delving deeper into the issues we care about most.  

Finally, to request a product donation for your nonprofit, fill out our product donation request form.

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