5 Million Sticks Donated Globally

Each sip is bursting with crisp Watermelon and unexpected notes of rose to keep you on your toes.

Good Things Come In 3's

We tasted dozens of guavas, watermelons, and apple pie recipes to find the essence of the three delicious new flavors your taste buds will thank you for. They're so delicious that we're not letting them go - they'll be permanent flavors in the Hydration Multiplier family! As always, our Multipliers are Non-GMO with no artificial ingredients, and contain 3x the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks, with 5 essential vitamins. Fall hard for delicious hydration, x3!

Now Available at Walmart Nationwide

Now you can find 2-3x the hydration at Walmart! Our new partner will now feature all 6 Hydration Multiplier flavors: original fan favorites Lemon Lime, Acai Berry and Passion Fruit AND delicious newbies Guava, Watermelon and Apple Pie. Find our convenient, Non-GMO, CTT®-powered drink mixes in the Beverage section!

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