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We are so excited to share our exclusive Valentines Day 30% off sale with you! You can find everything you need right here including sale information and fun social templates! -The Liquid I.V. Team 

Promotion: 30% off the entire website We're temporarily increasing your code to 30% OFF in tandem with our Valentines Day sale to ensure your followers have the best experience!  There is no minimum purchase amount & we always offer free shipping.

Date Range of Promotion: February 10, 2021 - February 14, 2021 

Code/Link: Your current unique discount code + link will have the increased promotion (the link auto-applies the code at checkout so the customer does not need to type it in) There is NO new code for this promotion. You will see that the % amount will be changed from 25% to 30% during the promotion period.

When you can start sharing: Please wait till Feb 10th at 6 AM EST to shart sharing about the promotion on social.

How to share: However you want! No restrictions

Downloadable IG story template attachments: We included some IG story template slides below! These are 100% optional but thought they might be fun to tell your community your favorite flavors and what you personally recommend. 

FAQ Questions:
Q: When can I start sharing about the sale?
A: Feb. 10th

Q: Is there a new code for this promotion?
A: No! Your current code is being increased on the backend from 25% to 30%. No new code/link needed! 

Q: My code is RacheldoesLA25 does that mean the code will only be 25%?
A: No, your code will still get 30% off during this time even though it has 25 in the actual code itself! We keep it this way so you don’t have to edit any highlight bubbles or linktrees to keep the process seamless for your followers. 

Q: Do I have to use the assets?
A: No! We love it when you guys share authentically to you and your audience so feel free to talk about it verbally and not use the story assets.  

Q: Will the “spend $60 get a free color-changing cup” promo apply to my code?
A: Yes! This promotion will apply WITH your code! So if one of your followers spends over $60 and uses your code they will qualify for a free color-changing cup 

Q: Has my code been updated to 30%?
A: All codes have been updated to 30% off , this will be reflected in the discount. The cart does not explicitly mention % of discount, but will be reflected in the total balance price. 

Still have questions! Be sure to email your LIV team member as we are more than happy to answer any personal questions!


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